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    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Come and Meet Caroline from NewHopeBeading

    Caroline from newhopebeading, is a fellow member of EtsyNJ and it is a great honor to feature a fellow street team member. First and Foremost, Caroline job description is Mom, then wife and lastly business owner. Her kids think it is really neat that their mommy started a business and her husband supportive throughout this adventure. (and owning a business is always an adventure) Caroline and her family live in Annandale, New Jersey which is only 20 minutes from me (how cool!).

    Caroline is mommy to 2 children, a son and a daughter, and they are her proudest creation. (It is a true form of beauty to create and grow children in this world and every parent should be proud of this accomplishment.) Caroline's start into the Jewelry Business is a beautiful story so I will give it to you in her words: Newhopebeading started shortly after my daughter, Samantha, was diagnosed with epilepsy. In the early days following her diagnosis, making jewelry kept me from worrying about her. She had been injured during her first seizure, which happened at school. I found that it is impossible to make jewelry and worry at the same time, because you need to focus on what you are doing. Soon, more and more people started asking me to make them jewelry. My husband started to kid with me that I should start a company.

    So many people ask me about the name newhopebeading. After her diagnosis, Sam and I both had bracelets (made by someone else) that had charms that said, “Hope”. In the span of 1 week, our “Hope” charms fell off a total of 4 times! I am not usually superstitious, but because Sam was about to go into the hospital for testing, I of course, saw it as some terrible omen…all “Hope” was lost. The 4th time my charm actually fell into the heating vent of my car. I still don’t get how that happened! It was then that it hit me. All “Hope” was not lost. I was just not paying attention. All that was missing was a big hand pointing to the word “HOPE” telling me I should take my husband’s suggestion seriously. That is how newhopebeading was born.

    There is no need to get the creative juices flowing for Caroline, she has the opposite problem of having the juices flowing with so many ideas that it keeps her up at night. With each idea, Caroline wants to get all the details down on paper and her only limitation is her handbag's ability to buy supplies. (Sounds like many of us Etsy shop owners) Since each piece of materials seems to want to be certain things, Caroline finds her inspiration from the raw materials. Her children ask her "Do they talk to you?", it is like the movie The Polar Express: You can only hear it if you believe! Oddly, when gems and silver talk to Caroline, her husband cannot hear it :)

    As an Epilepsy Advocate, Caroline tries to help find resourses to those who are affected or loved ones are affected by Epilepsy. She keeps this wonderful website: in her shop announcement as a resource for her customers. She has had people contact her to let her know that the site has helped them or a loved one. Caroline also donates 5% of each sale to the Epilepsy Foundation of NJ.

    Fun Caroline Facts:
    Favorite Food: See fruit question below
    Favorite Color- Perwinkle Blue--Is it blue? Is it purple?
    Favorite Clothing Color- Black and Taupe to easily match her jewelry :)
    If you could be a fruit... No fruit. Cheesecake or Canoli
    Any Pets- 2 goldfish Amber and Aiden (my son's name!) 3 groundhogs Lubb Chubb and Bathtub (they are wild and made a home under her porch and refuse to leave)
    Favorite Book and Movie: Lord of the Flies and Sliding Doors
    Funny Quirk- Don't like the thickness of the bottom of the OJ carton so she opens a new one instead!

    Remember to visit Caroline's Shop: Newhopebeading and feel free to buy 1 or 2 or 10 items!


    bijouxdesignsforyou said...

    Fabulous interview which brought a little tear to my eye! I totally understand about being kept up at night with too many ideas! We just need some more hours in the day.

    Cheesecake could be a fruit...especially if its strawberry fav!

    Rachel Kovaciny said...

    Fun interview! My hubby got me a bracelet from Caroline's shop for my birthday, and it's amazing!

    And you could put some fruit in a canoli, couldn't you? Or some jam, maybe?

    mrsbeccijo said...

    Great interview, love the connection to the word hope!

    newhopebeading said...

    Meagan, just wanted to take a minute to thank you for featuring me :)