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    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    Car Problems

    I know that many people have car problems so it should come to no surprise to me but it is so frustrating. In January of thisyear, I bought a used 1996 Saturn sl2 from a local car dealership and had it thoroughly looked at by a mechanic. He replaced the rotors, spark plugs, serp belt, o2 sensor and some other things and it worked great. Well Saturday I drove about a hour away to go to my BFF's bachlorette party and the car was fine. I went to go to Church on Sunday and it was all down hill from there. As I drove up the large hill (a mile down the road), it started sputtering and losing speed so I turned around and went home. The mechanic couldn't look at the car until Wednesday but i had everyone and thier mother diaganosing the car based on my symptoms. Most people were telling me it was the head gasket and going to cost $2000-$3000. I just about had a heart attack. How was a I, a single mom, going to come up with that money to pay for it to be repaired. Yet, I couldn't go without a car either. What a dilemma!

    Well the mechanic looked at the car and it wasn't the headgasket at all. It was a coil that needed to be replaced which cost $350, so that wasn't as bad. Well then he calls back, something else is wrong and it could be an electrical problem. The car is only running on 2 cylinders (not good when there are 4 cylinders) and he couldn't look at it again till Thursday. Just my luck!! Then we get a message saying the car is fixed and ready to be picked up. No answers to all my questions or an amount that needs to be paid.

    All these car problems just makes me want to move to the city even more!! One day I will be there without all my car problems :) Has anyone else expierenced similar car problems?


    RainyDayArt said...

    My old van had lots of problems. It often had problems on vacation. NC- starter, MI- fuel pump and flat tire, WV catalytic converter. Headgasket eventual went on my way back from work. :(

    Jen Kiaba said...

    I can't even tell you how much heartache my old Saab has given me. It has been quite the project car and has caused me a bit of professional difficulty.

    Hope your issue is easily fixed and inexpensive!