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    Sunday, May 31, 2009

    ArtFaerie my new Buddy--Etsysecrets Sunday

    This past week in Etsysecrets, Tim challenged us to pick a buddy to help be held accountable for getting our goals and such finished. After posting that I still needed to find a buddy, I was twittering and started talking to Artfaerie about needing a buddy. She needed a buddy to so now we are buddies! I feel really comfortable with Artfaerie because we have been talking on Twitter before budding up so she is not a complete stranger. Plus we are both Etsymom street team members!

    Well our first day was a success! We both set our main goal to get done for the day and were able to check that off our list. Plus I sold a tutu and I just checked Artfaerie's shop and she had sales too! I really think this is a great match and I can't wait to continue to encourage my buddy!

    Friday, May 29, 2009

    Just Monkey Around--Fab Finds Friday

    It is Fab Finds Friday and today's theme is Monkeys!! My youngest, Danyella, has become obsessed with watching Curious George so I thought to share her love of monkeys with you.

    Size 4 Curious George Activity Smock-Free Shipping by twogirlsandamom

    Pocket Mirror - Curious George Goes to the Zoo by AnnieJackDesigns

    Monkey See Monkey Do Onesie (6-9 months) by motherMAEi

    Custom Boutique Crocheted CURIOUS GEORGE Monkey Beanie Hat by littlebearscrochet

    HUSH PUPPY Dog Tag Covers by SquidStuffis

    Today I am participating in an Etsy Treasure Hunt where a bunch of sellers got together and hide a treasure hunt in one of their listings and whoever finds the chest get special savings. The list of sellers are posted on the Treasure Hunt Blog.
    I have hidden 2 treasure chest in each of my shops. For Kaedan Krafts, if you find the chest you will receive 25% off the item. For Meagan's Designs, if you find the chest you will receive free world wide shipping

    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Outdoor pictures vs. Indoor pictures

    For the past year, my biggest struggle with my shops has been pictures. With the winter months, I did not want to venture out into the cold (somedays it was 20 degrees and the wind chill was even colder) so I stayed indoors and took pictures. Once Spring came upon me, I headed outdoors and found a great place to take my pictures and wow does it show. With the outdoor pictures, you can see the true colors and the setting is so nice. It just makes the pictures look much more inviting and attractive. Now we have so much rain that I can't go outside again. So I am back to the indoor pics. Here are some examples of indoor vs. outdoor pictures.

    See the difference!

    Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    Come and Meet Kris from A Cagey Bee

    ~This blog post was originally posted on the EtsyTwitter team Blog

    Shop of the Week: A Cagey Bee

    I like the creative name for this Etsy shop. The artist is Kris G. Brownlee – or KGB = A Cagey Bee! Very clever!

    “I'm a painter, so my first love is creating the actual paintings - from sketching to swirling the paint around my canvas. But because I know a lot of us can't afford to buy original work, I try to offer a variety of lower cost reproductions: prints, notecards, and even little pendants with my characters!

    I want my customers to know how much heart and soul and pure joy is poured into my work. I think most of my customers *do* know this, but it's not always easy to get a sense of who someone is via the internet. I was a very quiet, shy child and spent years creating elaborate stories for my imaginary friends. It's really no wonder that I've started to bring some of them to life in my paintings. The idea that I get to share that with my customers? That new friends from all over the world look at my girls and smile? I couldn't have dreamed up a better possibility for my life. :)”

    What inspires you to create? “Everything! Favorite storybooks, movies, lyrics to songs, interesting characters I meet in real life... my biggest fear is that I'll never have enough time to paint all of the things I want to paint. If I ever run out of ideas, I can just walk out my front door and almost always see *something* interesting. There's this one woman in my neighborhood that I see every so often who I've been itching to paint since the first time I laid eyes on her. She walks this pack of 6 or 7 dogs - those giant long haired Afghan hounds! It looks like a scene straight out of a cartoon with their hair swishing and bouncing and swirling along!”

    What are your Twitter tricks of the trade? “My newest favorite Twitter trick is installing Friendbar. It adds a toolbar to your browser so you don't have to load the Twitter page to tweet plus it makes it really easy to just click 1 button & tweet about the page you're currently viewing, including an already shortened URL. You can set it to update your Facebook status too. Very handy!”

    Read her blog at
    Follow her at Twitter:

    As a special thank you to her Twitter pals, all prints in her shop are 2 for the price of 1 this week. Buy one print and simply enter the name of the second print you'd like in the notes to seller box. Double the cuteness!

    Monday, May 25, 2009

    Happy Memorial Day--My Project Monday

    First and Foremost I want to say Happy Memorial Day and please remember those who have sacrificed their lives to give us freedom.

    As always today is My Project Monday and usually I feature the crochet bikini that I have been working on BUT I messed up the pattern for the back of the bikini bottom. Funny thing is, I started using the front pattern to finish the back and it was not laying flat. I kept looking at it and saying to myself something is wrong but it took about 2 more days of crocheting before I realized that I was following the wrong pattern! I am sure some of you have done the same thing and if you haven't then I am jealous. So I had to rip-out everything but 4 rows (which I was up to 20+ rows) and start all over. I figured that you would not want to see the picture of everything I ripped out and haven't started redoing yet. I am really hoping to get the back finished this week, without screwing it up this time!

    Today my step-father is driving his antique 1950's John Deere tractor in a parade today and my mom wanted Danyella to show her support by wearing green and yellow and I went one step better. I made Danyella a John Deere dress with a little apron that doubles as a pocket for her little toys.

    Sunday, May 24, 2009

    My First Etsysecrets Sunday

    Many (if not all) of you Etsy sellers know who Tim Adam is and the wonderful things he has done to help his fellow Etsyians succeed in this tough Self-Employed world. He has started a group called, Etsysecrets, and it is a membership only group of sellers from Etsy. He has shared his vast selling knowledge with us all and it has help immensely.Now I want to contribute back by featuring my fellow Secrets members on Sundays. This Sunday, I am just featuring a few of the sellers and their beautiful works of art.

    Teal Floral Hair Bud-dy by BagsandBuds

    Multi colored facetd cubic zirconia wrapped gem bracelet by SouthPawStudios

    Blue Agate Sterling Silver Ring by CanadianRockies

    Blue Moon Turquoise TearDrop Pendant Set by lindab142

    Grapes and Vine Bliss Pearl and Crystal Necklace by UnaTiaEspecial

    Dusk in South Jersey I - Framed Original Monotype by edamamepress

    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    Car Problems

    I know that many people have car problems so it should come to no surprise to me but it is so frustrating. In January of thisyear, I bought a used 1996 Saturn sl2 from a local car dealership and had it thoroughly looked at by a mechanic. He replaced the rotors, spark plugs, serp belt, o2 sensor and some other things and it worked great. Well Saturday I drove about a hour away to go to my BFF's bachlorette party and the car was fine. I went to go to Church on Sunday and it was all down hill from there. As I drove up the large hill (a mile down the road), it started sputtering and losing speed so I turned around and went home. The mechanic couldn't look at the car until Wednesday but i had everyone and thier mother diaganosing the car based on my symptoms. Most people were telling me it was the head gasket and going to cost $2000-$3000. I just about had a heart attack. How was a I, a single mom, going to come up with that money to pay for it to be repaired. Yet, I couldn't go without a car either. What a dilemma!

    Well the mechanic looked at the car and it wasn't the headgasket at all. It was a coil that needed to be replaced which cost $350, so that wasn't as bad. Well then he calls back, something else is wrong and it could be an electrical problem. The car is only running on 2 cylinders (not good when there are 4 cylinders) and he couldn't look at it again till Thursday. Just my luck!! Then we get a message saying the car is fixed and ready to be picked up. No answers to all my questions or an amount that needs to be paid.

    All these car problems just makes me want to move to the city even more!! One day I will be there without all my car problems :) Has anyone else expierenced similar car problems?

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Come and Meet Tammy from Tamdoll

    Shop of the Week: Tamdoll (SILVER Mountain Originals)

    Tammy Gross, of, also known as SILVER Mountain Originals, creates “an eclectic mix of unique fabric jewelry, the occasional art doll (and a couple of original sewing patterns for those), purses, totes and wallets – many of those 'upcycled' from repurposed fabrics.” She also has a few woven ribbons for sale that are quite unique.

    “Everything I make comes from a creative burst of energy and is one-of-a-kind. If I’m inspired enough to make a handful of items that are similar, no two will ever really be the same. Sometimes I wish I could be more consistent, but that hasn’t happened yet and I’ve been creating art for 20 years. I love to try new things and experiment – not everything comes out as planned and it’s back to the drawing board until I get it right, which can sometimes mean weeks until I get things just the way I want them to be.

    Why ‘Tamdoll’? In the 90’s, when I learned to sew, I started making fantasy art dolls - – and did that for quite a while selling them in local boutiques. Beading dragon wings led me to experiment with beading and jewelry making, but my passion was with the fabric and soon enough, I figured out how to blend the two into fabric jewelry!”

    What inspires you to create? “So many things inspire me to create - a color, a scrap of fabric, a funny story even - there isn’t anything that doesn’t inspire me, my brain never rests, and I can’t predict what I’ll come up with next. Seriously, sometimes it’s almost a disadvantage. I have scribbled ideas EVERYWHERE. My purse is filled with ideas written on scraps of paper along with the notepad that I always carry. My desk has piles of half-filled notebooks. Even when my mind is winding down, right before I fall asleep... I’ll see a color combination or shape in my mind and remember it for the next day. The problem begins when I start all these projects. I start so many, get inspired again and begin another before the first is finished. The excitement of something new keeps me going and going. And keeps my workroom a mess. This explains also, why my shop is updated with new, completed, items so sporadically!”

    What are your Twitter tricks of the trade? "I joined Twitter to connect with other crafters – and for a while I tried to stick with just keeping things all ‘business’. But I just couldn’t. Connecting with the people that are behind the avatars is so much more rewarding than just announcing when I have a new item listed, or a new blog post – I certainly don’t want to follow someone impersonal like that! I love to chime in on interesting Twitter topics and tweet when I find something unique or useful that other creative people may enjoy. (Ok, when I’m up at 3am you may find a silly tweet or two.) It’s pretty satisfying to hear ‘Where do you find this stuff?’ – then you get known as a resource for creativity. Oh, and Twitter would be useless for me without TweetDeck. With following so many, I’m able to categorize my interests and see updates clearly.”

    She shares many of her works-in-progress on her blog and at and invites everyone to stop by and say hello. Follow her at Twitter @tamdoll!

    Special for the Week: Free domestic shipping on non-ribbon items. You will receive a PayPal refund for items not already specially marked as part of the sale. There are some items sprinkled about the shop that have SALE in the title and are specially priced through the springtime.

    Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    EtsyTwitter Team Sidewalk Sale

    The Etsy Twitter Team is having a Sidewalk Sale to celebrate the spring weather and to get outside a bit! Virtually! So please take a stroll down our sidewalk of shop listings. Each shop is having a different sale so check them all out. There are some extremely great deals going on this week!! To Check out the all the participating shops click here: EtsyTwitter Team

    The sales run from Sunday, May 17th to Saturday, May 23rd.

    In both Meagan's Designs and Kaedan Krafts, I am offering free worldwide shipping. For the U.S., this is free USPS Priority Shipping (2-3 days). For International, this is free USPS First Class International Shipping (10-14 days). I will be adding new items to my shops everyday so be sure to stop by~ Meagan

    Meagan's Designs Shop
    Kaedan Krafts Shop

    Monday, May 18, 2009

    Life's a Beach Project Crochet Bikini Week 3 plus Photo Handbags

    I finished the top last week which was easy because I just had the last ties to do and started on the bottom. I finished the front and middle section and now I am working on back section ( which I have no butt to fill it, lol). I am hoping to have the back done this week and start on the cover up. The cover up is what is going to take me the longest to finish because it is more detail with the sleeves and such. It is so funny to see the look on people's faces when I say that I am crocheting a bikini and then when I say that I am planning on wearing it on the beach this summer. Really why not? I think it is so cute and different plus it is cheaper than spending $30-$40 on each seperate piece of a bikini or $100 on a one-piece bathing suit at a store at the mall or even Target.

    Well the other thing I was working my butt off on this past week was 7 photo bags for my Best Friend, Bryann. She is giving the bags filled with a beach towel (her wedding is on the beach), flip flops, a beautiful bracelet (made by her maid of honor), a candle and each girl got a personal gift (mine was a plaque that had different quotes about believe, which is I love to collect quotes). The bags were made of duck cloth (on the outside) and lined with cotton. There are 9 photo sections that hold 3x5 photos. They came out so cute and I made an extra one to list in my shop this week.

    Lastly, here is me in a tutu at the bachlorette party. The Bride-to-Be and I were the only ones to wear one (the rest chicken out) and it was so much FUN!!!!

    Thursday, May 14, 2009

    Come and Meet Katy of SouthPawStudios

    Shop of the Week: South Paw Studios

    **Please note this blog feature was originally posted on the Etsytwitter Team Blog. (I am a member!)

    South Paw Studios offers an ever-changing selection of handcrafted jewelry designed by self-taught, Toledo, Ohio, jewelry artist, Katy Mims. She designs necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. She also offers a bridal line and a wholesale line.

    “I use a few different techniques in my jewelry line, some of which are some basic metal fabrication, which was studied through the Toledo Museum of Art. I also use basic to more advanced wire wrapping techniques in my designs. I am continuously evolving and staying up to date on the trends and new ideas in the industry. I try to make a conscious effort to think outside the box with every piece; to keep my customers curious and myself challenged.

    I am very particular about the supplies I use in my work. I do not use any silver plated materials, and everything is hand selected in person - from the semi-precious and precious gems from India, to fresh water pearls from Hong Kong, to Balinesian beads from Bali, to authentic Venetian glass from the Island of Murano in Italy. I really strive to offer a top quality product at a reasonable price. There are no production lines or kits used. I am the sole artist behind South Paw Studios.

    I get inspired from many things, from a shower curtain design, to a sunset. I know that sounds cliché, but really there are great color combinations in sunsets, nature can teach us a lot about what colors naturally look great together.”

    Twitter Tricks: “Every item I list or renew on, I then immediately list it on Twitter, and try to introduce it with a ‘call to action’ phrase, by asking a question instead of just posting the description and link. It gets a few more clicks that way. Also try to get followed by your local Twitterers, like your local paper, news stations, radio stations, museums, art galleries, and artist groups. You never know when you might get a call from them wanting to feature you in an article or event since they see you all the time on Twitter. You might be the first person they think of before asking someone else. Branding really DOES WORK! One other thing, I found a treasure trove of local followers by looking to see who my local newspaper was following, now they are all following me!”

    Keep your outfits accessorized with the affordable elegance and chic designs of South Paw Studios’ Jewelry line.

    Read more at Katy's blog:
    Follow Katy on Twitter:

    Special for the Week: 15% off your TOTAL order plus free worldwide shipping. Enter code "EtsyTwitter" in Message to Seller and all discounts will be refunded promptly via Paypal!

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Come and Meet Caroline from NewHopeBeading

    Caroline from newhopebeading, is a fellow member of EtsyNJ and it is a great honor to feature a fellow street team member. First and Foremost, Caroline job description is Mom, then wife and lastly business owner. Her kids think it is really neat that their mommy started a business and her husband supportive throughout this adventure. (and owning a business is always an adventure) Caroline and her family live in Annandale, New Jersey which is only 20 minutes from me (how cool!).

    Caroline is mommy to 2 children, a son and a daughter, and they are her proudest creation. (It is a true form of beauty to create and grow children in this world and every parent should be proud of this accomplishment.) Caroline's start into the Jewelry Business is a beautiful story so I will give it to you in her words: Newhopebeading started shortly after my daughter, Samantha, was diagnosed with epilepsy. In the early days following her diagnosis, making jewelry kept me from worrying about her. She had been injured during her first seizure, which happened at school. I found that it is impossible to make jewelry and worry at the same time, because you need to focus on what you are doing. Soon, more and more people started asking me to make them jewelry. My husband started to kid with me that I should start a company.

    So many people ask me about the name newhopebeading. After her diagnosis, Sam and I both had bracelets (made by someone else) that had charms that said, “Hope”. In the span of 1 week, our “Hope” charms fell off a total of 4 times! I am not usually superstitious, but because Sam was about to go into the hospital for testing, I of course, saw it as some terrible omen…all “Hope” was lost. The 4th time my charm actually fell into the heating vent of my car. I still don’t get how that happened! It was then that it hit me. All “Hope” was not lost. I was just not paying attention. All that was missing was a big hand pointing to the word “HOPE” telling me I should take my husband’s suggestion seriously. That is how newhopebeading was born.

    There is no need to get the creative juices flowing for Caroline, she has the opposite problem of having the juices flowing with so many ideas that it keeps her up at night. With each idea, Caroline wants to get all the details down on paper and her only limitation is her handbag's ability to buy supplies. (Sounds like many of us Etsy shop owners) Since each piece of materials seems to want to be certain things, Caroline finds her inspiration from the raw materials. Her children ask her "Do they talk to you?", it is like the movie The Polar Express: You can only hear it if you believe! Oddly, when gems and silver talk to Caroline, her husband cannot hear it :)

    As an Epilepsy Advocate, Caroline tries to help find resourses to those who are affected or loved ones are affected by Epilepsy. She keeps this wonderful website: in her shop announcement as a resource for her customers. She has had people contact her to let her know that the site has helped them or a loved one. Caroline also donates 5% of each sale to the Epilepsy Foundation of NJ.

    Fun Caroline Facts:
    Favorite Food: See fruit question below
    Favorite Color- Perwinkle Blue--Is it blue? Is it purple?
    Favorite Clothing Color- Black and Taupe to easily match her jewelry :)
    If you could be a fruit... No fruit. Cheesecake or Canoli
    Any Pets- 2 goldfish Amber and Aiden (my son's name!) 3 groundhogs Lubb Chubb and Bathtub (they are wild and made a home under her porch and refuse to leave)
    Favorite Book and Movie: Lord of the Flies and Sliding Doors
    Funny Quirk- Don't like the thickness of the bottom of the OJ carton so she opens a new one instead!

    Remember to visit Caroline's Shop: Newhopebeading and feel free to buy 1 or 2 or 10 items!

    Monday, May 11, 2009

    Life's a Beach Project Crochet Bikini

    Well I am on week 2 of the crochet bikini project and nearly finished the top. It is coming out fantastic and I am really happy with it. Each day I took about 1/2 hour to crochet the top until I ran out of Friday and couldn't get more of the yarn until Sunday. So I did take a weekend break from the project and since it was Mother's Day weekend I think I deserved it :) I did have to adjust the pattern because it was made for a B cup and my bust is a bit larger. It was really no problem and I also need to find a fabric to line the inside of the cups and the bottom. The pattern doesn't call for it but I am way to self conscious to wear it as is.

    So this week I will be finishing the last tie on the side of the top and starting on the bottom. I can't wait :)