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    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    My New Yarn Collection

    So the past couple of weeks I have been buying vintage 1970's fabric and either making handbags or dresses out it or listing it in Kaedan Krafts for sale, now my "supplier" (day job's managers Mother in Law) has brought me yarn and I am not saying just a small amount of yarn, I am saying at least 30 skeins of yarn. Some of the yarn is from the 70's and 80's and some of it is from the past couple of years. She is looking to sell her Victorian house and downsize so the fabric and yarn that has been stored for the past few decades need a new home and they have found it! Sorry to disappoint you yarn lovers but I will not be selling any of it!! Plus, with Summer Season approaching I have been buying cotton yarn like a mad woman but more on this later.

    Here is just a small portion of my new yarn:
    Here is Homespun by Lion Brand (my fav for scarves and neckwarmers because it is so soft):

    Here is Baby Clouds which is soft and will make a nice baby blanket:This is some vintage wool that will make a cute cozy or handbag:As a I said earlier Summer is approaching and I love to make summery handbags and pouches with cotton yarn. I am also stepping up the number of scrubbies and washcloths I making so there will be more for me to list in my shop! I also have a new project that needs to be done by my Best Friend's wedding on June 20th. I will be letting you follow me on this Journey every Sunday! So that means be sure to come back this Sunday, May 3rd and find out what my new project is!

    Come and Meet Tamara of TamaraGarvey

    *please note this is a copy of the original blog post from the etsytwitter team blog (in other words I didn't do all the hard work but still want to help promote a fellow etsy shop!

    A sense of humor is something we all could use more of these days and this week’s Shop of the Week delivers! Tamara Garvey, of, has some really cute and beautiful illustrations. Her style is quirky and fun! For example, the drawing pictured above, "Burglars and Russian Nesting Dolls", actually made me laugh out loud.

    “I draw fun, whimsical, pen-and-ink scenes, usually involving at least one animal and/or tree, as these are my favorite things to study and draw! I sell them as prints in different sizes, including ACEOs, as well as note card sets.

    I'm really inspired by the classic pen-and-ink artists Edward Gorey and Aubrey Beardsley. My drawings are made with care in my cute home studio, usually with my dog snoozing on the floor nearby. I'm saving up for a large-format printer of my own so that I can have complete control over my prints (that sounds diabolical! mua ha ha), but in the meantime I have them done at a print shop nearby that does an awesome job. My prints have great color and are printed on nice quality card stock.

    My drawings are inspired by my walk to work through Savannah, Georgia's squares, magazines, other artists/crafters on Etsy, color combinations of a stranger's outfit, tattoos, particularly cute dogs at the dog park...anything really!”

    Tamara has a degree in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design and a B.S. in Biology from Mary Washington College. Her biology background comes through in her piece titled “Enchantment under the Sea” – it’s like looking into a microscope and seeing all sorts of neat little creatures swimming around in the pond water.

    When asked about her Twittering: “It took me a while to get used to Twitter, but now I am really into it! I try hard to maintain a mix of promotional (whether self- or other-) tweets with replies or random thoughts, to keep a personal touch to things. I love keeping in touch with my Etsy team members, seeing what they're creating, and what's new with them. I have made some great connections with other artists and crafters especially. One girl in particular, a freelance illustrator, has pretty much become my mentor as I develop my own illustration career! I think it is amazing that a new site can have such an effect.”

    She ships everywhere and all her illustrations are shipped wrapped in a waterproof cellophane sleeve, sandwiched between pieces of thick, non-bending cardboard.

    Follow her on her blog and on Twitter!

    Special for the Week: Put “EtsyTwitter” into the “Messages for the Seller” box and await a revised invoice with a 15% discount off any of her items! (If you forget, just send her a convo.)

    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    Keep Your Head Cool in Fashion

    Every girl with hair needs something to keep their hair back and out of their face. I know that I rely on headbands and hair ties to keep my hair back almost everyday because of work or the heat. Today is going to be in the 90's, which is extremely weird for April (normally in the 60's maybe 70's), so I am going to be wearing one of my headbands and so will my girls (we have a collection of about 100!).

    In both of my shops I have headbands for little girls (kaedankrafts) and for women (meagansdesigns). The headbands are $5 for 1 and $10 for a set of 3. If you would like to make your own set out of the single I have listed please convo me.

    For little girls:

    For Women:

    Sunday, April 26, 2009

    My project for last week

    Well as you all read, I was terribly sick the past few weeks and even ended up with vertigo a few times (not fun). I am happy to say that I feel so much better now and I am slowly catching up with everything that I left fall behind.This is my Best Friend Bryann

    As I have mentioned before, my Best Friend (Bryann or Girl Bry) is getting married on June 20th, so I have been super busy helping her with all kinds of wedding stuff. This past Saturday was her Bridal shower. It was a great time for all of us and the first time that the bridemaids finally met. Some of us knew each other from before but some never met at all (communication for the shower was all email and text messages, gotta love technology!). The bride-to-be had a fun time playing games and opening all her gifts.
    The Fab Five Bridal Party with Bride

    My shower job became my project for last week (when I was able to function). I was in charge of the food, which most of it was ordered and made at my day job store (thanks guys), and the treasure chest (wishing well). I am a true procrastinator and waited till the last minute to make the chest and her gifts (of course she was getting handmade from me!).
    My Dress

    I bought a cute sundress to wear to the shower and when I tried it on (at home of course) it fit everywhere but my bust area (the girls would be hanging out, big no no!). So I had some vintage 70's fabric that I was planning on making a dress out of one day and that day became Thursday. I finished the dress Friday night and started finishing her treasure chest. I did the staining earlier in the week and I got the shells and netting all glued and decided it needed something more so I added some ribbon (teal blue) and a bow (wedding white). It came out so adorable that she is using it as decoration at the wedding!The Treasure Chest

    Then came the gifts... I had a co-worker who makes really nice fabric covered photo albums, make me a sea themed album and then I crocheted her a set of washcloths and scrubbies plus I gave her the crochet bath set I had in my shop with soap and bath fizzies (every woman, married or single, needs some alone bath time!).
    My dress close-up with crochet straps and accent belt

    All in all it was a great day and I had lots of fun creating!

    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    I am really sick

    The past few weeks I have had, what I thought was a cold, until
    || I went to the doctor's last week and found out that my cold was actually walking pneumonia. So my blogging and creating has been quite limited lately. I have been listing new items that I have stock piled so that I have something to list everyday or close to it.

    I am planning on blogging my Fab Finds Friday list on Friday and hoping that I can get back on track on Monday.

    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    Come and Meet Julie of RockerJewlz and MomsArt

    Julie of RockerJewlz and MomsArt is first and foremost a mom and wife but loves to take up the rest of her time with designing and creating beautiful pieces of jewelry and paper crafts. In RockerJewelz you will find cupcake style-lampwork earrings, bracelets, necklace and much more. MomsArt is stocked full of scrapbook cut-outs, cards, stickers, confetti and much more. Now a little more about Julie...

    As a mom and a wife, Etsy is Julie's secondary job, because she is running around doing errands, cleaning house or doing other "mom" duties. Her proudest accomplishment is that she has raised a son who loves to find the joys in life and his own activities without succumbing to peer pressures to do drugs or alcohol. In her down time, Julie loves to read.When Julie's son entered College, she found some spare time on her hands and decided to utilize this time with searching for beauty. This search has brought her to using her favorite medium: lampwork glass beads. Julie loves the way the light shine thru these glass beads and how they are torched by a hot flame memsmorizes and blows her mind.

    As a creative person, Julie finds that reading art books and Vogue magazine helps to get her creative juices flowing because it inspires her by seeing the beauty that is in this life. Her inspirations are everywhere: nature, other artist's work, art, glass, it is all how you see it. As a never-ending learning experience, Julie is always learning new ways to market her shops. Her blog giveaways has given her exposure on other blogs and a whole new customer base.
    Julie Fun Facts:
    Fav Color: Periwinkle
    Fav Snack: anything crunchy is satisfying
    Fav Book: "The Good Earth" by Pearl S. Buck (which the Pearl S. Buck house is only 20 mins from my house!)
    If Julie won $1 million she would automatically donate 10% and then build her husband's dream log cabin for them to enjoy nature, together.
    If Julie could be a fruit, should be an Orange because of the thick, protective skin against adversities and the organization of the tiny segments inside.
    Julie is the middle child out of 7 children and since her dad was a school teacher they spent their summer's camping because he had summers off.
    In 10 years, Julie would like to be walk hand-in-hand with her husband to the beach near their retirement condo, not knowing what the rest of the day holds for them.

    ~~One last Julie Fact, if she could be anything in this world, Julie would be a magazine layout artist for a major fashion magazine! hint hint Vogue!!

    Thru April 19th, RockerJewlz is holding a 20% off sale so be sure to check out both her shops:
    and follow her blog: RockerJewlz Rockin News

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Continuing my Sale for Mother's Day

    I have decided to continuing my 20% off sale until the end of April. Since Mother's Day is right around the corner I want to extend my savings and my wonderful items to those of you around me.

    Here is my handbags, bath sets and cozies shop: Meagan's Designs

    Here is my tutu, children's gift and destash shop: Kaedan Krafts

    **The 20% off sales does not include custom orders.

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    One Sick Family

    Normally I am posting a blog about my Crochet A-Long project but I haven't been able to work on it because we have been sick. Last weekend, Danyella (the toddler) started with a cold that got pretty bad and she still has it but just not as bad. All she wanted to do was cuddle with her mama, so of course now I have it. My poor head feels like it is going to burst but nonetheless, I still have to go to my day job. So I am thinking that this is going to be a very low key week for me.

    Thursday, April 9, 2009

    Bittersweeets One Year Etsy-Versary--Fab Finds Friday

    One year ago this awesome group of girls and I got together and began a challenge that was started by Bittersweeets. The challenge was to list one thing everyday for one month. Well we are now at our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! Some of us are still around from that one year mark, we have added many new friends, lost a few along the way and sent one of us up to Heaven. We have helped each other grow our businesses and became great friends along the way.

    Some of us are having a sale this weekend in honor of our Etsy-versary, so come and check out our awesome shops and buy away!!! One of us is getting married this weekend, Congrats Celeste from CricketsCreations!!!!

    Bittersweets Shock and Disbelief Angry Cookie with a Bite out of Him magnet or brooch (you choose) by Bittersweeets

    Jolly Holiday - Vintage gold pin piece and prehinite gold filled chain necklace perfect for your Valentine by prettybetty

    Ruby Heart - Fine Silver Heart, Ruby and Sterling Silver Necklace by lindesigns

    Merino Wool Yarn - One of a kind varigated skein by Yarn2Spin

    Hand Knit SPRING GARDEN SOCKS - Size - Child's Medium by lolabear

    Sales Fairy Crazy Dance in Pink Original Watercolor by carapace

    Little Black Dress - Dress-y Hand Towel - Repurposed from Man's Shirt - Red Hot by AthenaCreates


    Olive and Orange Quilted Travel Tote Bag by d


    Hanging Gourd w Orchid painted by yarrow1

    Discounted---BlueGreen Stoneware Mug by ginpins

    Night Glow Serpentine Stone in Green and Jet Black Glass Necklace Out on the Town Sassy by go2girl

    Sale - Canterbury Bell - 17 ct Pink Mystic Topaz and Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace by CoryellDesigns

    BOGO SALE - Dalim Green Gold Four Strand Necklace by Dalim

    Smoldering Embers - Necklace - SALE - 25 percent off by BeadifulbaublesSC

    Hummingbird in the garden,handpainted tatoo romantic design on a pale pink tunic ,embroidered back by norakaren

    Spring Cascade - Pastel Color Lucite Flower, Czech Glass, Antiqued Brass Necklace by AFineDistraction

    Pesonalized Hand Stamped and Hammered Circle Necklace by jjewelrey1

    EASTER SALE - Shipwreck - Australian Timber,

    Resin and Ceramic Necklace by earlybirdcreations

    SALE Bullet the Blue Sky necklace extra 20 percent off whole shop April 10- 13 by kmaylward (a girl after my heart with a U2 song title!!)

    Blackberry Sage Tea Herbal Bath Salt Tea by opheliasapothecary

    DailyChallenge Sale -- Luxury art yarn moebius cowl, Fa

    ded Spring Boho colors of dark muted pink, misty turquoise, and rusty orange, with silk thread accent by iWunder

    Live, Love, Laugh - silver and black message necklace by themagpiesdaughter

    blue crab felted purse by maddy and me designs....sapphire blue glitter fleck ruffle with crab shipping by Maddyandme

    Spring Fling - Unakite with Celtic knot earrings by OnceUponARock

    Blue and Tan Cotton Crochet Hannah Handbag--Great Market Shopping Bag by Meagansdesigns