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    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    Go Vegetarian--My one week challenge

    After visiting the Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday and my want to become healthier, I decided to go vegetarian for one week. I am the person who grew up on the steak and potatoes diet and as an adult I do love my meat. Chicken, pork, steak, ham, you name it and most likely I have eaten some kind of meat or two this week. I know that there are certain benefits to eating meat, like protein and iron, but that is when it is in moderation.

    My second eating habit is JUNK FOOD! I absolutely, without a doubt, love all kinds of junk food. From cakes to cookies to chips to candy and beyond. This is going to be where my challenge truly lies because junk food is a daily, if not a hourly, occurrence in my life. Since my day job is at a grocery store, the junk food is just there and is tempting me at every corner. Plus, I stand at my job all day so I need to eat easy, quick foods before the next customer comes thru my line.

    Well, as I saw all the beautiful flowers and talked to the vendors who were giving food samples out (and who doesn't love free food!!), I realized that my consistent fatigue and sluggish maybe coming from my poor eating habits. The food vendors were selling all natural and organic foods and many of them told us how it is easy to eat healthier when we put our minds to it because healthy food all around us, we just need to open our eyes and see it and eat it.

    Starting today and lasting until next Thursday morning, I am going to eat healthier by eliminating meat and junk food. I really want to see how I feel after a week of eating primarily fresh veggies and fruits. Come back in a week to find out how i do!!


    Blythe Hopes Vintage said...

    I was a vegetarian for 10 years - but when I got pregnant my iron count went so low I had to eat meat again. But it's a great lifestyle, and I think you'll feel the difference :)

    Ellen said...

    Congratulations for giving healthy eating a chance! Make sure you get enough protein from veggie sources or you will be hungry! Beans, tofu, soy products that look like meat... all great choices. I'm doing the vegetarian thing for a week each month.

    CrochetBouquet said...

    I'm vegetarian but only recently started being a more healthy one.

    For fast food at work, check out Kelloggs Protein meal bars. They are really filling. Another trick for feeling full fast, grab one ounce (a handful) of peanuts.

    Good for you for thinking about your health - there isn't anything more important, and we all sometimes ignore it.