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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    Come and Meet Heather of BeadifulBaublesSC

    I met Heather, of BeadifulBaublesSC , through my Bittersweeets Daily Challenge Group and fell in love with her amazing jewelry and loving personality. Through thick and thin, this woman has the kindest words to lift your spirit and this is reflected in her works of art.

    Besides designing beautiful jewelry for her etsy shop, Heather is a freelance floral designer in Southern California (the heart of LA county). She has been working with flowers for 13 years and loves to work for shops when the extra help is needed. Of all the beautiful pieces Heather has created, The Antique Elegance Necklace is her most prized piece because it was made with her great grandmother's lace.As a child, Heather learned to make gift for her family and friends "out of nothing". Her mom (, was always very encouraging and supportative in teaching how to use different mediums. For her 10th birthday, Heather's dad took her to the store and she bought her first set of beads to make jewelry. The rest is history....

    To get her creative juices flowing, Heather likes to take walks, listen to music, take a hot bath with OpheliasApocathary's bubble bath, and spending time with her friends and family. Nature and surroundings, help Heather find inspiration. She also likes to see what stars wear to the awards show to create a beautiful accessory to go with a dress. Of course, Heather is part of the Bittersweeets Challenge but she also like to donate her items to silent auctions for charity, wear her own pieces and hand out business cards wherever possible, to promote her jewelry business.

    Fun Heather Facts:
    Fav Colors: Blues and Purples
    Fruit she would be: Mango, Watermelon or Strawberry!
    If she won 1 million dollars: buy a car that runs (simple pleasures!), a house and help her family

    Lastly, in 10 years Heather would like to be....a successful business owner of her jewelry line and her wedding and event floral shop. She would like her family to be healthy and happy and become someone else inspiration to be a handmade artisan.

    Visit BeadifulBaublesSC to buy her great pieces of jewelry!

    CafeMom Street Team on Blockheadradio Tonight

    The leader of the CafeMom Street Team, Rockerchic, will be interviewed by Blockheadradio!! The interview will be from 8-9pm EST.

    Blockheadradio is all about being Independent! The radio features indie musicians and the talk radio is about artisans, family and life. They have an artisans showcase that you can pay a small fee to join each week.

    So come out and support our fellow etsians and listen to the radio interview!!!

    Monday, March 30, 2009

    Moderne Jacket Crochet A-Long--Week 1

    When I started this crochet a-long project, my goal was to crochet an hour a day but that did not happen. I received an order for 2 of my Hannah crochet bags and have been working on them, so the crochet a-long only got a small amount of my time and attention this week.

    The pattern has me starting on the back, which requires shaping the back. I have gotten about the half of the back done. My goal for this week is the get the back finished and start on the front.

    Here is Day 1:

    Here is where I am at now:

    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    Shop Feature Wednesday

    I am compiling a list of Etsy shops to start my Shop Feature Wednesday. So starting Next Wednesday, April 1st, I will be doing interviews and featuring some really great shops. Make sure you come back and support our fellow sellers!

    Monday, March 23, 2009

    Calling all Etsy Shops who Want to be Featured

    I want to start doing Etsy Shop features on Wednesdays so, if you are interested in being a Featured shop please leave a comment here with your shop link.

    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    My First Crochet Project of the Month

    I love to do endeavor big crochet project but tend to rip them out or not finish them because the small projects I can get done quickly and list in my shops. Well, I decided to take on 1 "big" project a month and devote 1 hour a day to it. Then on Mondays, I will update you with my status of the project and show you pics of my progress. I thought this would be a fun thing to do and read about!

    This month I am participating in the Lion Brand's Crochet A-long and the project is a Moderne Jacket! The pattern was free to download and people all over the US and the rest of the world are making their own versions of this Jacket and I can't wait to see how each one varies. The flickr page for this is:

    The original pattern calls for using 2 different yarns and crocheting them together. I am using one yarn, Bernet afgan yarn, because I wanted to use what I have laying around the house before I bought the more expensive yarn (one they call for is cashmere yarn). I started this today and have only gotten the foundation row and a few more rows done so no pictures yet but I will definitely have more progress and pics next Monday, so stay tuned!

    If you are participating in the Crochet along please let me know so I can post your finished product on my blog!

    Saturday, March 21, 2009

    Meagan's Designs Etsy Anniversary--Plus Free Shipping Sale

    One year ago, on March 21st 2008, I listed my first item on Etsy and officially opened Meagan's Designs for business. So much has changed in this shop in one year and things have improved since I first opened. I have had 31 sales and now have 130 items in my shop.

    In honor of my Etsy Anniversary I am offering free shipping in this shop! This includes International Shipping!!!

    check out my shop: Meagan's Designs


    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    Benefits of Natural Light

    Over the past year I have struggled with the pictures of my items. I mean I take a great nature shot(not to toot my own horn) but when it comes to the still life of my hand crafted items I have the hardest time giving the items justice. Well everyone that I talk to in my Bittersweeets group has told me to go outside because natural light is the best light for still life photography. They are so right and I am appreciative of their advice! Here are some of the pictures I re-took of my cotton handbags: (the pics are clickable to my shop)

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Happy St. Patty's Day

    Not much to post today but to say Happy St. Patty's Day! I am making my traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage and drinking a little beer! Have a great day.

    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    And the Model's Name is....

    Audrey Penelope Belle
    I would like to thank everyone who entered the contest. All the names were beautiful and it was hard to choose just one name so I chose 3 names! And the winners are Jess of OnceUponARock for the name Audrey (after Audrey Hepburn), Kristin of kmaylward for the name Belle and Jenny of pennyleejenny for the name Penelope! So now I have lots of work to do making neckwarmers for the winners!

    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Find the Leprechaun Etsytwitter team Contest

    Top o’ the morning to you! We’re having a little St. Patrick’s Day fun here at the Etsy Twitter
    Team blog! It’s time to “Find the Leprechaun”!

    Ten leprechauns pictures (like the one above) are hidden in the item
    listings in the shops below. Click through the shops to find the
    leprechauns. When you find one, send an email to with the URL of the
    item displaying a leprechaun in the pictures. You may enter more than
    once as long as you have a different URL for each entry.

    No purchase necessary to enter or win. Entries must be received by
    midnight EST on March 16th. Five winners will be chosen by random on
    March 17th!

    The Fine Print: Etsy Twitter Team members
    and their immediate family members are not allowed to enter. is in no way affiliated
    with this blog or contest. Must be at least 18 years old to enter.

    List of
    participating shops:

    Art by Betty

    In My Head

    Sandi's Ts
    Liv'nGood Jewelry

    Annals Designs

    Claire Creations

    Fat Daddy

    Joslin Jewels

    Peanut and

    Nikky Lee

    Linda B's

    Sox and

    Kisses Jewelry



    Soap Rehab
    Huayruro Peru
    Bugs 'n Bees
    Pretty Cheap
    Aquarian Bath
    Scrap With

    Bella Tu


    And what might you win? Our team
    donated some very lovely prizes!

    From Soap Rehab: Wasabi Ginger Soap
    Bar is bright, green, and fresh--all the good stuff but without the
    bite! Notes of eucalyptus, ginger, and top notes of lemon and a hint
    of mint make for a refreshing clean feeling.

    From Fat Daddy Sweets: Wonderfully buttery, creamy sweet
    goodness. These soft vanilla caramels are handmade, cut and rolled
    and will cure any sweet tooth!

    Tamdoll: Fabric Button
    Brooch - Frayed edged fabrics, button sewn on, pin on the back.
    From Emily Claire Creations: Shimmery silver chimes with amethyst and moss green cat's eye
    beads. A silver leaf toggle clasp completes this enchanted ensemble.
    This bracelet measures at 7 1/4" (excluding the clasp). It is made to
    wear a little loose, so it may shimmer with any wrist movement.

    From Joslin Jewels: Faceted and
    translucent beads of natural green chrysoprase, each adorned with a
    sterling silver bead cap resembling a three-leaf clover, suspended
    from handmade sterling silver ear wires.

    Thank you to Sheridan, from Joslin Jewels, who made the great
    leprechaun graphic for our contest!!

    All images in this blog post are
    copyright to the shops they represent.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    Come and Meet Kristin of Kristra Designs!

    I met Kristin of Kristia Designs or kmaylward (her etsy shop name), almost a year ago as an original member of Bittersweeets Daily Challenge. As each of us in the group listed our daily item, we also got to know each other and have formed a close friendship. Through this past year we have seen Kristin get pregnant, have a baby and still have time to create beautiful items for her shop or custom orders.

    Since Kristin is a new mommy, her proudest accomplishment is her baby girl, Penelope. Penelope is a gorgeous baby girl who came into this world in late December. As an artist, Kristin's proudest accomplishment is her bezel set pieces with handmade chain. She just loves their beauty!

    Like many of us Etsy shop owner, Kristin has a day job to go to everyday (or will when maternity leave is over!). Kristin is a licenced clinical social worker and works with teens at an alternative vocational high school plus she has outpatients. It takes a kind, strong woman to deal with teens everyday and Kristin deserves alot of credit for taking on teens with problems and helping them through these tough years.

    Kristin is a woman after my own heart, she has the same favorite colors as I do! She love green because of nature and that is reflected in many of pieces and backgrounds. Plus, she loves purple!! Now as a kid, her favorite color was green and that loves has never faded. If Kristin could be any fruit it would orange, because they are bright and sunny and sweet and tart and also have a nice tough skin to protect the mushy insides.

    As Kristin works in the studio and throws ideas around with her fellow artisans, her creative juices flow from the interactions with others and bouncing ideas back and forth with them. Nature, is Kristin's primary inspirations but she also finds it from architecture and her fellow Etsyians. As a true artist, Kristin can also look and feel her materials and find inspiration from them. Sometimes the materials just tell you what they want to be!

    As a kid, Kristin loved arts and crafts and has always been creative. As an adult, Kristin loves to work with copper and does a great job with it. Ten years from now, Kristin would like to be raising Penelope to be a proud young women who loves to create her own jewelry. With 10 years more artistic experience, Kristin would like to be making more advanced pieces of her jewelry.

    One last fun fact about Kristin: If Kristin won the lottery, she would pay the bills, give some money to her family, set up a college fund, and open up an art studio to reach youth with emotional/social difficulties. The best of both of her worlds!

    Kristin is having a March 15% off sale in her shop: kmaylward so be sure to check out all her beautiful pieces and feel free to buy anything in her shop!

    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    Convenience of an Over the Shoulder Bag

    I love to go shopping at outdoor markets or go to the city (NYC or Philly) and walk around, and having a bag that is draped across you is great for convenience and keeps your valuables safe (no one can take the bag off your shoulder and run with it. I made a couple of these bags last year and with my attempt to expand my handbag line for the spring, I am making more of these. The bag will be small, medium and large. and in a variety of patterns and colors.

    Here is my latest Over the Shoulder Bag that I listed in my Shop last night:The design of a large bag came from seeing my customers at my day job walking into town to do their grocery shopping. Some do this to conserve gas consumption, some do it for exercise and some do it for the environment and be "green". This bag sells for $25 and I can customize a bag with a different pattern or size. If you are interested in a custom order, please feel free to contact me through my shop:

    Monday, March 9, 2009

    Awesome Treasuries Craftopolis

    I want to start off thanking everyone who has entered my name contest so far, remember you have until Sat. 8am to get into the contest!

    With the creation of Craftopolis, I am loving the fact that I can find out what treasuries I am in without having to scroll through a ton of pages (sometimes 25+) to find out I am not featured in any treasuries. This new site lets you type in your shop name and find out what treasuries you are in or if you are alternate in a treasury plus links the treasuries for you to check out. I know that some people have had difficulties getting it to work but so far so good for me. Last night I noticed that Craftopolis will be doing a Gift Guide search, which I think is awesome because I never have the time to check out the Guides (yes I am to busy crafting things).

    So I think I am at an all time high with the number of treasuries I am in with a total of 5 for both shops plus 1 alteranate.

    Here are the treasuries (please feel free to click away and comment on Each one, Thanks)
    Kaedan Krafts treasuries

    Spring Ahead (EtsyNJ team):
    CEM Street Team:
    Flip Side Seasons:
    Hooker Heaven (alternate):

    Meagan's Designs
    Spring Break Time:
    CEM Street Team:

    Thanks for Clicking! and remember to have a great day

    Saturday, March 7, 2009

    Name My Model Giveaway Contest

    This past week I received my new model in the mail and decided she needs a name and I am going to open this up to the public and my friends to pick out her name. The contest runs for 1 week, Saturday March 7th thru Saturday March 14th. The Winner will be drawn at 8am on the 14th.

    The Model:: My model is a wire dress form that is about 5 feet 6 inches tall. She has flowers on her and crystals that hang at the bottom. (she is modeling one of my tutus)

    The Prize:: A custom made neckwarmer! The winner get to pick out the color and I will make one just for you.

    The Rules:: You must enter a name for my model only ONCE! You can put more than one name into the contest but it must be in your ONLY entry. When you enter the contest you must leave your email address or etsy shop address so that I can reach you.

    Thanks for entering my contest!

    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    Bring on Spring Flowers! Fab Finds Friday

    Living in the Northeast of the US I know that the winters will be cold but this year it was a record-breaking cold so I want to find flowers that will brighten my day (and yours). Lets hope that this bring spring much sooner!!

    Vintage .. Verdis Gris Resin Flower Pendant or Focal by Dibabeads

    jumbo sized 3-D Flower Applique in screaming bright red microfiber

    super soft yarn, no animal fibers used by iWunder

    Aceo Pink Hibiscus Bloom by Glory2727

    Lavender Flowered Booties by BurryBabies

    The Ellen-----------Think Pink with a Pink Rose Flower Pen Bouquet 25 percent goes to Breast Cancer Support and Research by fleurdeink

    Go Vegetarian--My one week challenge

    After visiting the Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday and my want to become healthier, I decided to go vegetarian for one week. I am the person who grew up on the steak and potatoes diet and as an adult I do love my meat. Chicken, pork, steak, ham, you name it and most likely I have eaten some kind of meat or two this week. I know that there are certain benefits to eating meat, like protein and iron, but that is when it is in moderation.

    My second eating habit is JUNK FOOD! I absolutely, without a doubt, love all kinds of junk food. From cakes to cookies to chips to candy and beyond. This is going to be where my challenge truly lies because junk food is a daily, if not a hourly, occurrence in my life. Since my day job is at a grocery store, the junk food is just there and is tempting me at every corner. Plus, I stand at my job all day so I need to eat easy, quick foods before the next customer comes thru my line.

    Well, as I saw all the beautiful flowers and talked to the vendors who were giving food samples out (and who doesn't love free food!!), I realized that my consistent fatigue and sluggish maybe coming from my poor eating habits. The food vendors were selling all natural and organic foods and many of them told us how it is easy to eat healthier when we put our minds to it because healthy food all around us, we just need to open our eyes and see it and eat it.

    Starting today and lasting until next Thursday morning, I am going to eat healthier by eliminating meat and junk food. I really want to see how I feel after a week of eating primarily fresh veggies and fruits. Come back in a week to find out how i do!!

    Wednesday, March 4, 2009

    My Neckwarmer Made from My Spun Yarn

    I never, ever thought that I would get into spinning my own yarn but I have and I love it! I bought a drop spindle and hot pink merino roving (just starting to get the lingo down) from and she had wonderful detailed instructions on how to spin your own yarn. It took me about 6 hours to spin the yarn because I was doing a little at a time plus I did run into a couple of snags from my own inexperience and needed to walk away. Well we it was all done and I washed, blocked and twisted the yarn I came out so cute. When I bought the kit, I told myself that I would make myself something out of the yarn (it is something I don't normally do) and I made myself a neckwarmer!

    I have bought more roving from and I can't wait for it to come in so I can spin more yarn and make more adorable items!

    Monday, March 2, 2009

    Surrounded by Tulle

    As a continuation from yesterday's blog about Danyella's tutu,I am surrounded by more and more tulle! I was told by many, many woman, who want to embrace their inner princess, that they would love to have a tutu of their very own to wear around the house, out in public or to a party. So I decided to make myself a tutu and list a custom tutu for women in the same colors (aqua and hot pink) as the one I made for myself.

    I have to say that I think that the tutu gave me power and energy that I haven't felt in about 6+ months. All of a sudden, I got a ton of stuff done in one day that would normally take me about a week or more to accomplish! I love the power of a tutu.

    Here is the picture and if you click the pic it will take you to the listing in my kaedan shop:

    I also made a toddler tutu in peacock blue, aqua and yellow that is so adorable!

    Next I am going to make matching mommy and me tutus, so stay tuned for that listing!

    Sunday, March 1, 2009

    Danyella's tutu

    As you all know see Danyella grow up, you can see my different creations for her. My last creation is a tutu! See my best friend and non-biological sister, Bryann, is getting married in June and we had ordered tutu's that never came so I went looking to see how hard it would be to make the tutu's for flower girls. I came across this pattern posted on flickr by ambrosialove, that is so simple and easy with great directions and help. So on my journey to Joann's (the closest one is about 45+ minutes away), I bought some tulle and decided to try it out for Danyella first.

    I worked and the tutu for about an hour and then I was done! It is that easy!! The only problem I ran into was that Danyella was asleep when I got done and I had to wait till this morning to put it on her and take pictures!! I love it on her and she loves dancing around in the tutu. Danyella's favorite movie is Happy Feet and as I am writing this she is dancing along with the movie and twirling around in the tutu! Thank you ambrosialove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    for ambrosialove's easy tutu pattern click here: ambrosialove tutu

    also I am thinking of making up a couple of these and listing them in my Kaedan Krafts shop, what do you all think??