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    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    Cloth Menstruation Pads: Is it the hot new thing?

    For years I heard and seen the cloth diapers for babies, but cloth menstruation pads are a new one for me. I know that they say that the cloth diapers and the cloth pads are eco-friendly and much cheaper to use but I just think the clean up would be to much work for me. Well a forum discussion started by heidiandseek about this topic made me think twice about my decisions.

    In this discussion, heidiandseek highlights these facts:
    * In the US alone, 7 million tampons and 12 billion pads are sent to landfill every year - not to mention the packaging each disposable comes in. If I never buy disposables again for the rest of my life, that's going to make a significant waste reduction.
    * It's cheaper
    * No nasty, chemical-laden plastics against your skin. I imagine it just feels nicer, and you're less likely to have irritation issues 'down there'. Some women's privates react to the chemicals and they mistake the problem for 'just that time of the month'.
    * It can help reduce period pain, and it commonly makes periods shorter and lighter.
    * Support the little (and eco-friendly) guys - most cloth pads are made by self-employed, work-from-home women.
    * Many cloth pads are made from natural materials, which means you won't be supporting the production of plastics and chemicals, which adds to pollution.

    In a previous discussion, some of my fellow Bittersweeets said that they use the cloth not disposables so I am going to take the challenge and try them out. I think that it is something I can handle for a test run. I want to find out if the price is really worth it and how sustainable the pads really are. I will update my thoughts in a month or so.

    So tell me your thoughts on this topic!

    1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    Yep, cloth pads are very comfortable. I also like the diva cup. It has many of the same benefits- way less trash, as the cloth pads, plus its easier to swim with.