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    Wednesday, January 14, 2009

    Save the Change

    Typically, I write about what is going on in my business or tips for growing and expanding your business but I feel like going a little off topic today. The other day, I was reading the NY Post and there was an article about people who find change and have been saving it. One couple went to the extreme with finding change, like getting a Gap sales woman to fetch a quarter out of a store front display, but in one year saved over $300 by just finding money (including a $100 bill they found in at the Atlantic City Convention Center parking lot). Another woman has been saving money she finds on the streets of NYC and has saved over $1000. Well this has inspired me to start looking for money just laying around. My day job is at a hometown grocery store (in a town where everyone knows everyone) so I started my journey there. Since yesterday at noon, I have found $2.53. It is amazing how people just drop money and keep on walking. Today, I watched one gentleman drop a quarter and when I tried to give it back to him he told me to just keep it. So in 2 days time I have found enough money to buy a cup of coffee and a bagel with butter!

    Well this new journey of mine has made me more aware of my surroundings and I am hoping that this will encourage others to look around and see what you can find right in front of your eyes.


    Anonymous said...

    I need to encourage my kids to do this when we are out shopping so they are not always asking for something, lol. Great idea!

    alamodestuff said...

    I just read somewhere that the average household as $70 in loose change around the house. Even $35 would be nice. Makes me look at random pennies differently.

    I do keep a jar at my washing machine. My husband can't seem to clean out his pockets. That adds up!