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    Monday, January 19, 2009

    Get Organized--Mom Style

    For some reason but the topic of organizing has surrounding me today. I love to listen to this single mom's podcast and everyday (to catch up) I listen to a new topic and today's was about getting organized. Then I go to work and on downtime I usually read a new magazine and every magazine I flipped through was about organizing your home and your life. Well all this talk about organizing got me thinking, How can I organize my life? I am going to tell you my ideas and how you can use things around the house to help you out.
    To start, I know I needed to organize all my craft supplies which includes yarn, ribbon, fabric, buttons, unfinished projects and finished projects. The first thing I did was go to Walmart and buy a 7 draw organizer. The organizer was on sale for $32 and has 3 large draws and 4 med/small draws. Next I started putting all my yarn into the large bins, then I put some unfinished projects into the small drawers. The top drawer is now filled with ribbon, thread and few other odds and ends.

    The next thing I tackled was my buttons. I have a ton of buttons that I bought or taken off of clothes that are no longer worn so I wanted to keep them all in one or two places. I found 2 old glass jars that were not being used so I put all the buttons in the jars.

    Then I saw all the empty diaper boxes I had laying around and organized my finished items into different sections like, scarves, crochet bags, canvas bags. Plus I used a couple of the boxes to keep some keepsakes for my kids and myself.Lastly, I took old wipe boxes and put my coffee cozies and other small items in them. This is a great way to store things and be able to stack the boxes.So I hope my organizing expierence helps you to organize your life and use what is around you like old boxes, jars and containers.

    1 comment:

    Jenn said...

    Nice job! Thank you for sharing! I need to implement some of those tips in my house! Organization is NOT my strong point!!