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    Friday, October 31, 2008

    Crochet Cozy Winner--BlueViolet

    It is now announce the winner of my first blog giveaway: BlueViolet!! Congrats

    I will be doing a blog giveaway every month so check back this Sunday, November 2 when I post the next giveaway. Thanks for all those who did enter and give me great advice.

    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    Philadelphia Phillies are World Champhions!!!!!

    It was an exciting series to watch and last night's game was even better, as the Philadelphia Phillies WON the World Series. Growing up in New Jersey, I was exactly in the between New York and Philadelphia so when it came to sports I always picked the Philly teams because they were typically the underdogs. As I got older and moved closer to the city, my love for the Philadelphia teams grew. I have watched these Philadelphia teams suffer through the William Penn curse and after 28 years since the Phillies last one the World Series and 25 years since any championship was won for the city WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I am dedicating today's blog to the unbelievably, awesome PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES!!!!

    Philadelphia Phillies Rhinestone toddler kids t-shirt by CustomBlingApparel

    PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES World Series CHAMPS...Jammies for Small Dogs by hatz4brats


    Philadelphia Phillies Fabric Headband by PurpleLicious

    Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    A Great Artist and Etsyian Will Be Deeply Missed: Cori

    Last night the Challengettes (one-a-day challenge) received some very sad news, Cori from ccdesigns died on Monday from a brain aneurysm. Finding this out was extremely sad because she was young (in her 40's) and a mother. As an etsyian, Cori was an amazing artist who made beautiful jewelry. I had gotton to know Cori through the One a day challenge and she was a great inspiration. She was always complimenting our works and encouraging us to be a better artist. Cori will be greatly missed by all those who's lives she touched.

    Monday, October 27, 2008

    Come and Meet: Carapace

    Carapace, as she is known in the Etsy world and the "real" world, is an artist of many mediums. Her shop, Carapace, is filled with scuptures, jewelry, illustrations, bookmarks and a few other things. Etsy is not her "full-time" job because even without Etsy, Cara would be creating but this gives her the chance to share her creations with others.
    She loves to makes adorable sculptures out of polymer clay but her favorite medium is pencil and paper. The creative juices started flowing for Cara as a child, when her mother would give her chores if she said she was bored. Her solution, being creative! To this day if Cara is having artist's block, she will do something boring to get her right back to creating beautiful works of art. Even the touch of clay can get Cara motivated into making something beautiful that is nature inspired.

    As a mother, naturally Cara is proud of her children. When it comes to her artwork and creations, Cara is most proud when they are sold or given and the person receiving likes it.

    A few fun facts about Carapace: Her favorite color is green because of its organic origin and the versatility of its many shades. If she could be a fruit, Cara would be a pomegranate because they are great to be eaten or used as a still life picture. Since the pomegrante is alot of work to open, they are often left un-eaten and that is what Cara inspires to be: Lovely, Old and Not eaten by hungry passerby's!! Cheese and Nuts are what Cara likes to eat or lots of salsa. Momo by Michael Ende is Cara's favorite book because it teaches the real importance of time. The book helped teach Cara how to live and she loves to recommend others read it and learn the amazing things she did. Lastly, one that she is sharing with us is that she still cries at the animated Christmas stories. From Frosty to the Grinch and all of them in between make her mist up.

    Make sure you visit the Carapace shop:

    and visit the Caramakes blog:

    Saturday, October 18, 2008

    All Proceeds Are Donated

    With the recent death of my little brother, my parents (who are divorced) are having a hard time paying for the funeral without taking it out of bill money. Since they are divorced, the want to be able to go somewhere to be with my brother and want to bury his ashes. We are holding a benefit dinner to help them pay for these expenses that can cost a total of $10,000 +.

    I wanted to be able to help them out because I feel the same way, so I am donating all my proceeds from now until November 6, 2008. Both of my shops will continue running their sales but will be donated to the Ryan M. Chamberlain memorial fund.

    Thank you to anyone who helps me out and buys from my shops.

    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    Leanne Won!!

    Just like every other aspiring designer in the country, I was glued to the TV watching for the announcement of Project Runway's Season 5 winner. Since the begining of the show, I was a fan of Leanne's out of the box design. Her style wasn't over the top like Blayne or Suede but, refined and elegant but still chic.

    As the show progressed, I was worried for Korto as she made new pieces for her runway show and Kenley just didn't know how to keep her mouth shut. Kenley does have some unique designs but is it just coincidence that she pretty much knocked off 4 to 5 different designers signature looks? I think that she did do her research and figured what worked for big designers could work for her. There were a couple of dresses from both Korto and Kenley that I liked but overall their collections weren't my taste and I don't seem them going long term in the fashion world.

    Leanne's collection was refreshing and chic. There was a need for a little more color but the white was crisp and you don't always see that in a whole collection. The petal/wave effect looked very different from her competitors and is what made her stand out from the crowd. I loved the whole collection and would love to wear any of those pieces.


    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    Crochet Coffee to-go Cozy Giveaway

    I am so excited because this is my first giveaway! All of my friendly Challengettes have been doing giveaways so I decided I wanted in on the fun.

    Crocheting and Knitting have become a way of life for me and now I want to share a beautiful item that I have created with one of you. About a month ago, one of my fellow challengettes was asking if anyone could knit a coffee mug cozy. I had knit 2 cozies for a friend of mine a while back but I wanted to try something different with one. As I was making it, I began to think how great it would be to create a cozy for a to-go cup. My day job is at a small, local grocery store and everyone comes in for coffee, so instead of wasting to paper on those cardboard cozies a reusable crochet or knit cozy would be better.

    This is the coffee cozy from my Meagan's Designs Shop that you will recieve:

    I have 2 shops, Meagan's Designs and Kaedan Krafts, and Kaedan Krafts needs some critiques. So to be entered into the drawing please leave a comment with one thing you love about the shop and one thing that can be improved.

    ~~The drawing will be October 31st at 7am

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    Cafemom Etsy Moms Pre-Holiday Sale

    Cafemom Etsy Moms Pre-Holiday Sale

    Starting October 1st and lasting until October 31st the talented Cafemom Etsy Moms are having a Pre-Holiday Sale! Each store is offering a great pre-holiday promotion. Be sure to check out all of the shops to see what each talented Cafemom Etsy Mom has to offer!

    To get your Pre-Holiday Sale discount use the Code "Moms Rock" in the notes to seller, to receive discounts in the following Etsy Stores:

    To find the shops enter their shop name in the sellernames search engine on etsy!!

    Rockerchic For Girls

    Funky Stuff for your Punky Princess!

    25% Discount on purchases over $20

    The Curious Spork

    A Sporktakular Mix Of Ladies Clothing and Jewelry

    25% Discount on purchases over $10

    Turtle Girl Crafts

    Everything Your Baby Needs to Stay Hip and Funky

    15% OFF Everything before Shipping (Excludes Special Orders and Shipping Costs)

    Lil' Turtle Mama Crafts

    Everything Mama Needs to be Funky

    20% OFF Everything before Shipping (Excludes Special Orders and Shipping Costs)

    Handmade By Andrea Baker

    Aprons, business card cozies, grocery bag cozies, sewn goods.

    25% Discount on purchases over $10

    Mama's Little Monkeys

    10% off orders over 10$(EXCLUDING Wendy's Children's Wear)

    Fleur De Ink

    15% off orders over 10$


    (Gypsy/witchy-style jewerly)

    30% Off aside from custom

    Rock Mama Punk Baby

    Handmade punk rock baby and mommy things too!

    Free Shipping on all Skull Caps from baby to adult.

    31 Summers

    20% off all orders over $15 (before shipping)

    Mountaineer Candle Company

    Specializing in gel candles, soy candles and wax dipped bears.

    10% off purchases over $15.00

    CurlyMonkey Organic Apparel for Baby and Kids

    Free Shipping on orders to US

    Ms. J Creations

    Hair Accessories and a little more

    10% off orders over $10 before shipping


    30% Off all orders, excluding custom OTHER THAN baubles.

    Bauble special orders qualify for the discount.

    Little Daisy Designs

    Sweet Clothing for your Little Sweetie

    10% off all orders

    Free shipping to all US orders

    Windy City Soaps

    10% of all orders over $10 before shipping

    Cinnamon & Spice Crafts

    15% off orders over $10.00 (before shipping)

    Little Papoose

    Free Shipping


    Unique children's items and hair bows

    10% off orders over $15 before shipping, excludes custom orders and oopses

    SugarBug Slings

    Ring sling infant/toddler carriers

    Free Priority Mail US Shipping

    1/2 Price Priority Mail International Shipping (that's only $6.50 anywhere outside the US!!!)


    Handmade Fun Felt Goodies!

    20% off $10 or more (before shipping).


    Handmade Infant Gifts and Children's Hairbows

    Free U.S. Shipping

    Brooke Ann's Boutique

    Get 10% off all orders over $15 before shipping

    Style Accents

    Children's clothing and bedding. Fashion accessories for mom.

    10% off on orders over $15, before shipping.

    busy little elf

    Handmade toys for boys(and girls), delightfully whimsical prints and more

    15% off orders below $25(excludes shipping)

    25% off orders over $25 (excludes shipping)

    Cozy Cabin Creations

    Purchase 2 or more items and first class shipping (U.S. only) is FREE!

    Hiccups Boutique

    FREE SHIPPING on ALL purchases over $20!

    Andrea Evans Design


    25% OFF EVERYTHING IN ENTIRE SHOP!!! (excludes shipping)

    Bows For Baby

    15% discount on an order over $10 before shipping.

    Create Me A Canvas

    Free Shipping US orders only

    Sassy and Dapper

    20% off

    Me and Matilda

    10% off all orders over 15.00 (excludes shipping)


    10% Off all orders over 20.00 (excludes shipping)

    20% Off all orders over 50.00 (excludes shipping)


    Creations for mama and baby

    Free US shipping on any item

    Kaleidescope Jewels

    15% off (excludes shipping)

    Do Not Disturb

    10% off all October Orders

    15% off all Hoiday Ship Cakes

    Honeybee's Creations

    15% off everything(excludes shipping


    Fresh and fun photo jewelry.

    10% OFF Everything before Shipping (Excludes Shipping Costs)

    Creations by Toni

    20% off all orders over $15.


    Magnifique offers Bath Bombs, Powdered Bath Fizzies and Yummy Lip Balms!

    20% Off All Orders Over $15 Excluding Shipping. FREE SHIPPING for Silicon Valley Residents!

    Meagan's Designs

    25% off everything

    Kaedan Krafts

    BOGO 1/2 off

    Trinity's Tutus

    10 percent off everything in store ( excludes shipping)

    ae baby

    a boutique for mom & baby

    10% off all purchases in October, excludes shipping

    Little Lovlies Boutique

    Free Shipping within US Only for all orders over $20.


    custom tutus for princesses of all ages!

    10% off your order OR Buy 2 tutus and get free shipping!

    Donna Pool Designs

    25% off all puzzle balls and photographs

    Through the rainbow

    Free shipping on fabric appliques only.


    20% off all orders over $15


    Sock Monkeys, Sock Plushies and more....

    Free U.S Shipping, With the purchase of Two or More items

    Leaky Mouth

    All Items-- buy one get second 1/2 off!


    20% off anything you see!

    Hopscotch Square

    anything in my store 10% off (not including shipping)

    carry kids clothes (infant-toddler) baby blankets, aprons, "play"capes, hairbows

    Tizz Olsen

    20% off all WRAPPED baby wraps. including custom made, and lil' wrappers

    Monday, October 13, 2008

    New ACEOs

    Here are new photographs that I took and am selling in my Meagan's Designs shop as ACEO's. Each day I will be adding a new photograph so keep an eye out if you find one you are interested in. *the photographs are available in sizes up to 8x10

    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    Myspace Experiment Re-Start

    I had started the Myspace Experiment a few weeks ago but due to the death of my younger brother, I had to put it on hold. So I re-started the experiment this past week and here are my results:

    Still staying in the I love to crochet group, I friend requested about 300 people. I was friend requested 8 times and accepted all the requests. Last Sunday I was at 484 friends and today I am at 571 friends. So I had an increase of 87 friends in one week.

    I have had some messages from other crocheters and became very friendly with them. It is nice to be able to talk to others in my same craft.

    This coming week I will be updating my photos, adding more friends and thanking those for adding me.

    Thursday, October 9, 2008

    Go Pink-Fab Finds Friday

    In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month and my mom and grandmother being Breast Cancer survivors here are others who are helping with the cause!

    Lampwork Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet by rocknbauble

    PINK RIBBON BREAST CANCER AWARENESS PENDANT WEARABLE ART Focal BEAD wild animal print by gardengoddessmosaics

    Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon Shea Butter Soap Set of 3 by thepigandthepeacock

    Think PINK Bookmark by tlgcrafts

    Save The Boobies Recycled Glass Pendant for breast cancer challenge proceeds to susan g komen sale by thegaudygoddess

    I want Leanne to WIN!!!

    Any of you Project Runway fans know exactly who I am talking about, Leanne Marshall. From the begining I was a fan of Leanne's and Kelli's because of their ability to think outside of box and create beautiful pieces. Admittedly, I love Kelli more but as each week continued, Leanne just became more and more amazing.

    As fellow etsyians I wanted one of them to win and now I really want Leanne to win. I was completely in awe of last night's "last challenge" pieces because one day that is what I want to be, a Wedding Dress Couture Designer. I did like Leanne's but I would not have made the bottom into 2 layers. My favorite wedding dress was Kenley's beautiful dress (despite my past feelings towards her attitude). My favorite bridesmaid dress was Leanne's dress. It was simple but elegant wrapped up into one piece and fits the rest of her collection like a glove. Jerrell's dress was just a mess and Korto's dress looked un-polished.

    I think that Leanne has the most potential for a long-term career in the fashion industry and should be announced the winner. Stay tuned for more blogging next week on PR!!!

    Here is a Leanne design from her Leanimal shop:

    Here is a Kelli Design from her Antilabel shop:

    Wednesday, October 8, 2008

    I've been Tagged-My 6 Secrets

    Fen from Bead Flora and Jewels tagged me and now I will reveal 6 secrets about myself. Hope you enjoy!

    1. I love Audrey Hepburn
    I will watch anything with or about Audrey Hepburn. She is such an inspiring actress and so funny to watch. I had the disc set of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "Roman Holiday" and wore them out cause I watch them so so so much!

    2.My son is named after a Soap Opera Star
    My middle child, Aidan, was named after Aiden Turner from "All My Children" whose character is also named Aidan Devane! Since my ex-husband's family is mostly Irish, I wanted to name my children Irish names. I didn't want the typical names and I started watching AMC and found my name!

    3.I have a Travel Book
    I have always wanted to travel, so about 5 years ago I started a Travel Book. It is filled with places and pictures of places where I want to visit. I am hoping to mark all of them off my list.

    4. Huge U2 Fan
    I love love love U2's music! In 2005 I went to 8 of their concerts and went backstage. Their music inspires me.

    5.Pickles on Cheesesteak
    When I was pregnant with my youngest, I was given a true Philly cheesesteak from Pat's in Philly. The cheesesteak was lined with pickles at the bottom and now that it is the only way I will eat a cheesesteak.

    6.My name has a background
    My first name, Meagan, was names after a character from the mini-series "The Thornbirds". Meagan is spelled the way it is so I could remember who was president when I was born, Pres Reagan. My middle name, Lea, was named after Lea and Perrins steaksauce. (I guess that is where I get my naming kids thing from, lol!)

    ~~I will be back later with who I am tagging!

    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    Come Meet A New Challengette: IsabellaWhitney

    As a lover of all visual arts, Isabella's shop: isabellawhitney has beautiful jewelry and headpieces. Isabella dapples in designing, photography and writing poetry. Sour Patch Kids are her fav snack cause first they are sour, then they are sweet and keeps her going at night. Pride and Prejuidce (the movie) is Isabella's guilty pleasure because of the wonderful love story and Kiera Knightly is a great actress. She is an avid reader and a student by day and etsyian by night!

    Like myself, Project Runway can always get Isabella's creative juices flowing into high gear. Her inspiration can come from everything and at anytime. She keeps a notebook with her to jot those things that inspire her down. A quote on inspiration from Isabella "Street corners, dark alleys, behind the couch, under the car, in between shopping lines, everywhere, the world is full of inspiration. Trash and recyclables supply major insporation for me at times... strange, i know!"

    Isabella is a huge supporter of the BCF (Batey Children's Fund) which his fund provides educational scholarships for Haitian refugees in the Dominican Republic. She donates 50% of all jewelry sales to the BCF. Having first hand experience working with some of these children, she knows how badly they need education in hope of a better future. for more info check out: Over the summer, Isabella volunteered her time building a security wall around a Dominican Republic school and was the most rewarding expierence of her life.

    Since her birth, Isabella has been involved in creating art. In third grade she started making jewelery and hasn't stopped since. Now, Isabella paints shoes and is a self-taught sewer! In ten years, Isabella would like to be a featured Etsy shop and be wholesaling her designs.

    Be sure to visit Isabella's Etsy shop: isabellawhitney
    and Isabella's Flickr: isabellawhitney flickr

    This is Isabella's most accomplished piece:

    Sunday, October 5, 2008

    New Scarves for Everyone

    Lately, I have become a scarf-knitting machine. I am finding all kinds of yarn that would could be made into some great scarves. I have made scarves for adults and children and I have more to list in my shops. I even kept a scarf for myself!

    Multicolor Children's Knit Scarf

    Soft Color Toddler ScarfAutumn Leaves Knit Scarf
    Green Alpaca Wool Scarf(this is the one I kept for me!)

    Saturday, October 4, 2008

    Lots to do Checklist

    At my day job, a customer of mine told me start every morning by making a checklist. She lost her son 9 years ago to a car accident, so she understands what I am feeling and how lost I am. My customer said that every morning she starts a checklist with even just the smallest things because if not your mind is not focused enough to remember what is going on day to day.

    I am going to attempt this everyday and see how I do. I have been forgetting small things that I normally would remember and with children and a business I have no room for error. I hope this helps but if not at least I tried. I'll let you all know how it works for me.