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    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Myspace Experiment Week 1

    A week ago I decided to start my own experiment, which I like to call Myspace Etsy Experiment. I am go through different stages of advertising on Myspace and seeing what is working and what is not working for those who use Myspace as a marketing tool. When I set out on this journey, I figured that the only thing that I would lose is my time, if it fails.

    So this is my Week 1 of the experiment...
    Previously I had joined the I love to Crochet Group and add a few people from there but now I was on a mission. At the start of the week I had 224 friends (personal friends, mostly etsy friends and a few of the group members). Everyday I set out to friend request at least one page of group members (approx 30-34 people), so over 7 days I friend requested about 300 people. I now have 440 friends, an increase of 216!

    As a way of getting their attention, I started posting bulletins 3-5 a day. The bulletins were mainly of my blog postings and trying to get more readers. That was successful! I increased my blog numbers by 15-20 per day. A few times I posted bulletins about my newest creations but that didn't really result in much (yet!).

    With my picture section looking very outdated, I uploading about 50+ new photos of my items. I tried to space them out about 5-10 each day so that everyday people had something new to look at. I got a bunch of compliments and comments on my photos.

    In response to my friend requests, people were sending me messages or leaving comments about how they loved my work or how beautiful my items were. They were also thanking me for the add.

    Sadly, there has yet to be any sales from my experiment.

    Last week I set up a poll here asking people whether they use Myspace as a marketing tool and if they were successful. The overwhelming majority (50%) said they don't use Myspace and don't plan on it, next was (28%) said they do use Myspace but are unsuccessful and lastly (21%) said that they use Myspace and are Successful.

    More plans for Week 2: add more friends, leave comments for friends, add more picks and maybe a few other things so check back next Thursday for an update!


    Go2Girl (Kila) said...

    Thanks for the blog. I've been trying this too....I've added lots of new etsy friends. No sales but great for networking and easier for me to use than other places( I have google/facebook...accounts too). I think its a combination of efforts that will result in more space is just one tool.

    gigibelts said...

    I think that marketing on myspace is a matter of being in "right time right place" scenario for a buyer.

    I happened to be looking for a sticker advertisement for my car and whooooop all the sudden I see a bulletin on myspace about a store that sold it.

    I also think you have to get outside the whole Etsy friends and group thing. Go after complete strangers.

    Good luck on your experiment.