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    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Changing Anything for the Upcoming Holiday Season? (with poll)

    All over the etsy forums I have been seeing people either have listed holiday items or are gearing up for the holiday season. There have been non-stop posts about the holidays, like people with questions about the holidays and etsy, people giving tips for the holidays or people telling others don't bother to change anything cause etsy is to over-saturated and it won't change anything.

    So this got me thinking of whether I should change anything up in my shops for the holidays or should I concentrate on certain marketing strategies. Honestly, I am at lost right now since this is my first "offical" holiday season as a seller. I was thinking of renewing more of listings in a day but all over etsy that strategy seems to not be working. Then I was thinking of where I could do some marketing. With my myspace experiment going on(blog post on that tomorrow), I am going to try and use myspace and a few Project Wonderful ads. Other than that I am really not sure of where else to advertise my shops to bring in the holiday shoppers.

    So I am setting up the poll for everyone to take and looking for anyone with special tips of how to survive the holiday season as a seller.


    The Great Ethan Allen said...

    Cool, I can't wait to read it. By the way.. Christmas is our biggest time too. BE ready with your stuff to sell out. ( my wife sold every pillow she had during Christmas. this year hopefully she is more prepared with more items and copies of "tested" items. Good luck hope to see your post tomarrow..

    Art By MAR said...

    I never noticed any increase during the holidays in the past. However I was only selling my artwork and I don't think many people buy art for presents. This year with my pendants too I am not sure what to expect. I probably will list more.

    ginny said...

    Meagan, I really wasn't well prepared for the holidays last year. I could have sold much, much more if I had only had it made up and ready to list. So, that is my goal this time around---to have more items made and waiting in the wings.

    Jennifer said...

    I still don't know yet! I'd love to find out about your experiment

    brightonEarly said...

    Oh Gosh. Holidays. Ack. I won't be changing is kicking my butt.

    Crickets Creations Handknit Scarves said...

    I keep tryin' to get stocked up for the holidays--but it's hard because the season already seems to be starting in fits and starts. And consignment galleries are asking for scarves...ack! I can do it, I can do it...(positive mantra to self).

    One change I might make if things get crazy is to add a notice that custom orders will take longer than usual.
    Celeste (Crickets)