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    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    More than 1 Etsy Shop??

    As you all know I have 2 shops Meagan's Designs and Kaedan Krafts. Kaedan Krafts is easily described as a baby and Children's gift shop. Now my problem is Meagan's Designs shop, I just don't think the ACEO's fit into the theme of Women's handbags and accessories. Eventually I want that shop to be all about women and the unique things they would buy themselves or others. I really don't want to open a 3rd shop but I am on the fence cause they really just don't fit in.

    Do you have more than 1 shop?


    Robin Lynne said...

    I have 4 shops. 3 that I use (handmade jewelry, soap, and then photography,) I also have 1 that just kinda sits around (it's a "banner" shop.)

    So far, I haven't gone crazy and the sales have been alright :) I was worried about cohesiveness too. My jewelry is more fun and silly, whereas my photography is all fancy shmancy. :)

    Nicole R.J. said...

    I have 3 shops (1 for my main jewelry, 1 for charm jewelry and 1 for supplies). All three started in the first sop, and eventually vranched out to their own, because I wanted things to be a little more cohesive - and I had three seperate sets of buyers anyway.

    The third (charm) shops doesn't get as much love as the other two, but the items seem to do fine anyway. I couldn't imagine having enough time to promote all three... so if you do a lot of promoting and are short on time (because who isn't?) that's a consideration.

    But you can do things like forward all your emails to the same main account to help speed up a few of the mundane admin things, and sorting paypal payments by the email it as sent to is a godsend.

    Good luck whichever way you go!

    Ellen said...

    I've been on the fence about opening a second shop for a while. I still might, but right now I'm just putting everything into one. Sometimes it does feel a bit "flea markety" to me. (I think that's the cohesiveness we're all striving for... or the lack thereof.)


    Karma by Morgan said...

    I only have one shop...and I think thats all i need. I can understand the need for two shops!

    brightonEarly said...

    OY! I can't believe some of you?! 3 and 4 shops?!

    I'm having a heckuva time deciding between one or two!