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    Wednesday, July 9, 2008

    Does Etsy Admin Listen Poll?

    I always see people in the forums trying to get Etsy admin's attention and I always think to myself do they really listen? The only post that I have ever seen start are about bugs and ideas for the gift guides(I will get back to that). Then the other day I saw a post started by admin about how they listened to us. There were several posts started about wanting, as sellers, to be able to select which section our item would be put in during the listing process. They really did listen and we have that ability now. I have to say that it is a great feature because I always forget to put the items into sections for about a week and then it dawns on me. Also, it is awesome that admin listened but I still think that they pick and choose what they listen to in the forums.

    On the flip side, I DON"T think they listen when they ask for ideas for the gift guides. I went look thru the guides the other day and as someone who has a baby and children shop I would love to be able to see even one of my items in the guides. Well I was shocked at what I found. I saw 3 different sellers featured in the baby guide 6+ times and with the same product just different colors. Now I love the items but that is not giving the rest of us on etsy a fair shot at gaining a customer when the same shops are on every other page. I know that there are close to a 1000 (if not more) per gift guide thread so why do they need to feature the same shops over and over?

    Well that is my pro and con of etsy admin's listening in the forums. What do you think?

    ***** Last week's poll: When was the last time you bought on Etsy? winner is within 1 week ago with 35% and a close second was within 24 hours with 32%.


    Nora said...

    I have read some forums where admin responded in the forum which I thought was great.

    I agree with you on the does seem very unfair to see the same person on several different pages when there are so many that could be used.

    Kaedan Krafts said...

    Nora thanks for letting me know I am not the only one that feels this way!