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    Saturday, June 7, 2008

    The ins and out of treasury

    Have you ever wondered how Etsy picks the front page items or wondered what people in forums where talking about when they got a Treasury or Treasury West.

    If you are an etsyian, you know what a treasury is but for those of you who don't know what one is I am going to try to explain it to you. An Etsy Treasury is when you get to curate a gallery of different items to feature for people to look at. You get to pick 12 feature spots(gold stars) and 4(silver stars) alternative spots. There is the main Treasury and Treasury West(etsy's test one)

    Here are the steps for getting a treasury:

    Getting a treasury is a hard thing because typically you have 700+ people waiting at the same time trying to get that one spot. When waiting for that magical number to fall under 333(main treasury) or 222(treasury west) NEVER, EVER hit reload. The etsy server automatically reloads the page and if you keep hitting reload you may miss when the server resets and miss your treasury.

    Once the magic number has been reached and the server resets itself you pick a title. Here people typically people pick a theme(ie. colors, same type items, etsy teams) or their favs for their treasury. This is when you want to be really creative and pick a title that will stand out and be noticed.

    Now you want to pick your items. If you want to be proactive you can pick your items ahead of time and store them in the etsy poster sketch (you want to bookmark it when you are finished filling it in. When you want to fill your items into your treasury, you want to open a new window so that going back and forth is easier.

    When filling in your items, copy the location of the item. Now go back to your treasury and click in the one of empty boxes and right click your mouse and hit paste. Do this for all the boxes. The boxes in the far right column are your alternative spots. They are only seen by you unless you move them into your feature spots. You can edit your small title within your treasury and your location. Now your treasury is set to be seen by all!

    Do's and Dont's

    Don put more than 2 of your own items in your treasury but if the treasury makes front page Etsy takes the items out and replaces them with alternatives.(Most etsyians frown on this but you can do what you want!)

    Do promote, promote, promote because the more people who view your treasury and click the items and comment the better chance you have to getting front page(I have yet to get front page but I am very ambitious) and it is great to have someone's item be bought because of your treasury(I have had a few sell from my treasuries and I always get that feeling of satisfaction for doing a good treasury!)

    Do contact people to tell them they are in your treasury(new rule) but change your convo title for every person or the spam bot will think that you are sending spam mail and won't let you send anymore emails.(stupid thing but etsy still has this bug and people are getting caught in it and I don't want that to be you)

    Do be patient with the treasury because many times the server shuts down after the treasury has opened because of all the people. You may need to wait 20 minutes and go back and do your treasury when the server has calmed down.

    You can have only one treasury at a time but you have one in each Treasury and Treasury West at a time.

    Do have fun because they only last for 2-3 day!!


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