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    Friday, June 27, 2008

    Off for the Weekend

    I am needing a vacation in a desperate way, so I won't be around this weekend to post or create anything. It is a biz free weekend. After working 13 days straight at my day job, I think this trip to the beach is well needed and well deserved. So I will talk to y'all after I come back on Tuesday!

    Have a great weekend!

    Thursday, June 26, 2008

    Kaedan Krafts First Sale!!!!!!!!!

    All I can write about today is how Kaedan Krafts made its first sale. I sold the purple and blue Little Girl headband to earlybirdcreations(kylie)! Thank you Kylie

    Wednesday, June 25, 2008

    Etsy: Business or Pleasure

    I know that my regular readers are probaly wondering what happened to yesterday's post but after working 8 out of a 13 day work week I was exhausted and slept until I had to wake up and go to work again.Which brings me to this week's poll Etsy: business or pleasure?

    As a seller, I look at Etsy as a place for my business that has also become a social place for me. I have seen this brought up in forums alot lately. I think mostly because most peoples sales are down due to the economy crunch that is affecting everyone around the world, they are wondering whether it is worth putting the effort into running their own business and putting money into etsy.

    See I don't have a choice but to look at Etsy as business because I am a single mom who has a crappy day job. I have to sacrifice a job that pays better for one that has better hours so I can be home with my children as much as possible. So when I am home I have to make up that difference and that is my business. I do have sales outside of etsy but if I treat etsy as a whatever happens, that great place then I will lose my focus and what could of have been a sale for me is now a sale for the listing next to me. So I am treating Etsy like a business place and charging ahead because eventually we will be out of this economy crunch(nothing lasts forever!)

    What do you think??

    Monday, June 23, 2008

    Many New Handbags and Cotton Totes

    I have been all about the handbag lately! As I mentioned previously, I was intending to blog about my newest creations Mandee and Carly but I have 3 newer bags to mention too. With the world attempting to be eco-friendly I am sewing cotton totes to use as everyday bags or market bags.

    This is the Mandee Handbag. The Mandee Handbag is crocheted in cotton yarn and makes a great everyday purse.

    This is the Carly Handbag. The Carly Handbag is crocheted in a zig-zag pattern and has a drawstring top. The Carly Handbag is a great little bag.

    This is the Hannah Handbag in Yellow, Green and White. The Hannah Handbag is crocheted in cotton yarn and makes a great versatile bag for everyday to market and everything in between.

    This is my cotton totes. The first tote is a green dot pattern is medium size bag. The second tote is a green circle tote and has side and bottom panel for tons of storage room at the store.

    Sunday, June 22, 2008

    Google Yourself

    Every morning I have the intention of blogging about my latest creations but always seemed distracted by another topic that is mentioned in my One A Day Challenge chat. Last night Bittersweeeets was talking about googling her shop name found herself on So I decided to do the same and google myself.

    For Meagan's Designs:
    #1 spot is my flickr account
    #2 spot is my etsy account
    I am some random sites that are trying to be associated with flickr and on baby gift site called The thing that is weird is this site listed my items for the other shop so I am guessing they got the pics off flickr.

    I am in lots of fellow challengers blogs! My myspace page and my friends of myspace come up. Lastly my street teams sites come up with my info.

    For Kaedan Krafts:
    #1 spot is my etsy account
    #2 spot is my silkfair account(that has not amounted to anything)
    #3 spot is my photobucket account
    #7 spot is my website(it has sat dormant for many months cause I don't have the time to keep up with it, etsy is so much easier)
    Then there are random flickr associated sites and some blogs that I have been mentioned in.
    My myspace page is on there a bunch of times.

    It is fun to see who has you on their blog like one blog has my blog as a fav place to visit! It is just fun to see where you are at in the world so google yourself sometime!

    Friday, June 20, 2008

    Making Friends on Etsy

    Today I intended to write about my newest creations in my handbag line, Mandee and Carly, but instead I want to write about friends. As you all know I am taking part of the One a Day Challenge but it has gone past our initial month that we intended to do because we have all become such great friends.

    When I started on Etsy I was completely in the dark and lost. I visited the forums and found great tips and joined the Etsyhookers Team and they have been great but when I found the thread that Bittersweeets started on getting a group of people together to do this challenge is was fate. We all came together and over the days became more and more friendly. Now as time passes we look forward to reading what each other has written in our thread or what new items we have made. As women, we are understanding to each other but honest when the time is needed.

    I just think it is amazing how you never know when one little day can change your whole life. These women have changed my life and love them for that. So THANK YOU to all my One a Day Challengers.

    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    Update for this week

    So not much to really update today. I have a lot going on personally so I had to put biz things on hold for a little bit but I am hoping that I will be able to catch up this weekend. I am having a hard time getting the interviews back from shops that agreed to be featured so I am waiting to blog about them.

    I am taking a lot of time to create and I got accepted to have a space at a local community day so I am excited about that. It just means I have to get my supplies tripled in about a month so I have to concentrate on that. I just wish that I could get a sale in my Kaedan Krafts shop. I have been doing everything I can to promote it but nothing seems to be working. Today I will be retaking some photos using the suggestions of some fellow friends and etsyians.

    I am on my way to having 50 items in each shop I just need to find the time to list the items. I have a hard time right now finding the time to be on the computer for more than 5 minutes.

    Well that is all I have for today so check back tomorrow!

    Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    Trouble with Photos

    I am having the hardest time photographing my items to list. I have tried different views, erasing the background, outsides lighting(works good but with my work schedule I don't get to do this very often). I am at a standstill trying to figure out what works. So I am setting up a poll plus taking any suggestions people want to give me of what may work!

    Adult Model(for adult items)

    Baby Model

    Bear Model(for all accessory items)

    Outside Setting

    Indoor Setting

    Erased Background

    Tuesday, June 17, 2008

    Introducing the Little Princess Collection

    Doesn't every little girl want to feel like a princess? Since I am 26 and still want to be a princess I created the Little Princess Collection. Right now the collection consist of Princess headbands and purses. The headband range from an everyday headband to elaborate headbands adorned with ribbons and roses. The are sets of headbands with matching purses.

    I am really falling in love with this collection and the ideas are running through my head of what to do next. I want to continue with more headbands. I just ordered beautiful white ribbon yarn to do an all white(flower girl??) headband. The purses are great for any little girl who wants to be just like mommy (I know my girls do). I want to expand the collection with princess dresses. The big, poofy dresses that I want to play dress up in when I was a little girl.

    Check out more of the Little Princess Collection in my shop @ Kaedan Krafts

    Monday, June 16, 2008

    How to get (almost) FREE business card

    Nothing in the world is free but with Vista Print you can get 200 almost free business cards. They adveriste their cards as free but unless shipping is included in the free cost I don't count it as totally free.

    First, I went there a looked around and started a layout for a business card. They have 42 different layouts with bright vibrant colors. I finished the process of the laying out what I wanted on the card(name, website, etc) but I walked away from buying at that time. I knew that if I walked away from the cards at that time and came back at a later time I would find something I wanted to change or add.

    Next, I came back and proofed the cards and found I forgot to add my blog. So I added my blog and changed a few minor details and went to my shipping options. For slow delivery (21 days) is $5.45, standard delivery (14 days) is 9.15, priority delivery (7 days) is 13.15 and rush delivery (3 days) is 25.19. I ordered my cards on a Friday evening and they arrived on the following Wednesday!

    I am very happy with my business cards and though I found somethings I forgot to add to my cards they are still great!

    Vista Print offers other free products with just the shipping to pay for so check out their site!

    Sunday, June 15, 2008

    Pretty Betty- How well do you know her?

    As you all know I love to feature other etsy shops so for today I am featuring Pretty Betty or Holly Anne as the outside world knows her. Holly Anne is part of the One A Day Challenge group that I am always talking about and has added so much to our group. So here is the Pretty Betty Feature:

    As a mother (to adorable 6 almost 7 year old Creedin), wife, house cleaner, chef, chauffeur, laundry assistant, accountant, and personal shopper among other things Holly Anne also runs her Etsy shop Pretty Betty from her Surrey, B.C. Canada home. As a stay at home mom, Holly Anne's family is the most important and prominent thing in her home and etsy life. She started creative process when her family took her mother in law to Florida(after MIL was away for 30 years) and made souvenir necklaces out of the shells they found on the beach. Holly Anne's greatest accomplishments are the pieces she creates for her family. She loves to see her family wearing them!

    The creative process is always spinning in Holly Anne's head so unless she hits a dry spell there is always something she wants to create. You name it and Holly Anne can find inspiration there! It is everywhere and most times in the most unlikely of places. As a promoter Holly Anne goes on the Etsy forums (a great place to be!) has 2 facebook groups and a myspace page that she
    always displaying her latest works and sending out updates to her contacts. The best thing and support has been word of mouth through family and friends.

    Holly Anne even keeps the creativity running through her family by having Creedin make and sell T-shirts at a tattoo convention to raise money for Buster, the family dog. Buster is a pug/french bulldog mix and looks like an old man when he looks at you! Her husband is an artist who loves to draw so they frequent the galleries and museums.

    Any color of green (from lime to turquoise) is her fav color. If Holly Anne could be any fruit she would be a cherry because they are sweet but tough and everyone loves them(just like we all love her!) She loves to cook and has entertained the idea of opening a restaurant(I would so be there to eat!) but her fav food is the teryiaki chicken rolls and gyoza from the local sushi restaurant. She loves books by Wilbur Smith because of his writings of Africa and Egypt and loves all movies except horror. If Holly Anne won a $1 million she would buy a house, travel and do volunteer work in Africa.

    In one year Holly Anne would like to be selling on etsy consistently(10+ sales a week), have wholesale accounts, launch a men's line, and branch out in the rock culture with her hair pieces(I can definitely see them on some stars!) Holly Anne is a very open person so you will find out all you need to know about her in 10 minutes (did I accomplish that?)

    Check out Pretty Betty(Holly Anne) at

    Pretty Betty Etsy Shop
    Pretty Betty Flickr
    Pretty Betty Myspace

    Friday, June 13, 2008

    Stay Positive on Etsy

    In these times of hardship in our society we need to stay positive. The negativity bug has hit Etsy in a big way. It is weaving itself all through the forums and really it is ashame. As a handmade community we need to stick together, not pull each other down!

    I know that they are saying that about 500 new shops open everyday on etsy, which to me is a great thing because that means more and more people are making that leap to sell their own handmade items. It is a scary thing to get started in this business with the failure rate so high but you also can't expect to just list your items and they automatically sell. It takes so much work to run a business even if it is only a side business.

    I know that these older businesses on etsy think that the newer ones are taking their business when really it is the nastiness that they breed throughout the forums that takes away their business. As a seller I am also a buyer and I will not buy from someone who is going to spew hatred and meanness and I have friends in my One a Day Group that feel the same way. The trust in them as sellers and trust in their products has vanished.

    So everyone please remember why we all came to etsy, to buy and sell our handmade items and respect each other!

    Thursday, June 12, 2008

    Goals for June 12-30

    Set goals and actually keeping them is a very difficult thing for me but since I have been doing well with the keeping my blogging daily goal (only really missed one day because of someone else schedule).

    So my goals for the rest of the month:
    Blog-Have a schedule of feature shops. Here is my idea on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday have feature shops. Fridays are update days. Mondays would be all about tutorials. Wednesdays and Saturdays are free days to do as I please!

    Meagan's Designs-I want to have 50 items in my shop! I want to have 5 more etsy sales (more would be great but I am not pushing it).

    Kaedan Krafts- I want to have 50 items in my shop and have my new line of girl headbands (different from what is in there now) active. I want to have my FIRST sale!

    Well that is all I can think of for right now but as things pop up I will add them and the updates will be on Fridays!

    Wednesday, June 11, 2008

    Headbands Galore

    The other day I was on my way to work when I realized that I forgot my headband. My headband is essential to my work day because I have layered bangs and with moving all day I really don't want hair in my face. The only thing I had in my bag was some yarn I was going to use to start a handbag but I thought about just cutting a piece of the yarn and making it into a ribbon type headband to just hold it back but then I figured it wouldn't be sturdy enough for the whole day. So I started crocheting and a 1" wide piece and created a really cool headband that my customers all asked about!

    I have now made more for my shops in both adult and baby/toddler/child sizes. For the Kaedan shop I am in the process of making themed headband for the fairy princess and bug princess and maybe a few other princess out there. I am also going to do a wedding themed headband for a flower girl.

    Be sure to check out both of my shops for these great headbands!
    For adult sizes:
    For child sizes:

    Monday, June 9, 2008

    Valerie's Gallery-The World of Felted Treasures

    Valerie's Gallery is an etsy shop filled with wonderful felted treasures. There is something for baby to grandparents and everyone in between.

    Valerie of Valerie's Gallery lives in Boonville, NY but etsy is not her only job. She is been a business consultant and has been working for a large insurance company for 19 years (don't we all wish our biz could be our only biz). Valerie is a book lover with Anne of Green Gables being a favorite. She has read the series 3 times as an adult and has watched the movie over and over again(brings back memories of wanting hair like Anne's).

    Valerie always has a project or two going, whether it is quilting, knitting, crocheting or felting. She got interested in felting when her daughter joined a fiber arts club in college. Her daughter was a wonderful teacher and taught her how to felt. Now Valerie can't stop felting. Valerie's inspirations come from the beauty of what is perfectly created in nature. Trying to re-create what Mother Nature has created by using different colors, textures and shapes. No one color is Valerie's favorite but if she could be a fruit she would be a fruitcake (she really likes her varieties!).

    Valerie's Gallery has the most adorable baby booties , toddler balls and hair ponies for the little person in your life! The felted vases and pots are a wonderful gift for any table and the pins and jewelry are great for any mom or grandmom. Valerie's Gallery has a blog to match her shop so be sure to check out both her shop and blog!!

    Valerie's Gallery shop
    Felted Treasures blog

    Sunday, June 8, 2008

    Travel Diaper & Wipe Case Bag

    With my baby becoming a toddler I need less and less to carry for her when we go out but I always seem to lug the huge diaper bag along with me. She is 15 months and just to run to the store I only need a couple of diapers(because even if you change them before you leave they will always go when you are out) and some wipes.

    So I thought that just making a small bag that holds a few diapers (3-4) and a travel wipe case would cut down on what I need to take with me! I keep the one for myself in my car for when I need it out I can grab it and go. I have made 1 for myself and 2 for my shop.

    The 2 travel diaper bags are in a pink froggy print for a little girl and a rubber ducky print for a little boy. They are a great deal at $8!

    Pink Froggy Bag:
    Rubber Ducky Bag:

    Saturday, June 7, 2008

    The ins and out of treasury

    Have you ever wondered how Etsy picks the front page items or wondered what people in forums where talking about when they got a Treasury or Treasury West.

    If you are an etsyian, you know what a treasury is but for those of you who don't know what one is I am going to try to explain it to you. An Etsy Treasury is when you get to curate a gallery of different items to feature for people to look at. You get to pick 12 feature spots(gold stars) and 4(silver stars) alternative spots. There is the main Treasury and Treasury West(etsy's test one)

    Here are the steps for getting a treasury:

    Getting a treasury is a hard thing because typically you have 700+ people waiting at the same time trying to get that one spot. When waiting for that magical number to fall under 333(main treasury) or 222(treasury west) NEVER, EVER hit reload. The etsy server automatically reloads the page and if you keep hitting reload you may miss when the server resets and miss your treasury.

    Once the magic number has been reached and the server resets itself you pick a title. Here people typically people pick a theme(ie. colors, same type items, etsy teams) or their favs for their treasury. This is when you want to be really creative and pick a title that will stand out and be noticed.

    Now you want to pick your items. If you want to be proactive you can pick your items ahead of time and store them in the etsy poster sketch (you want to bookmark it when you are finished filling it in. When you want to fill your items into your treasury, you want to open a new window so that going back and forth is easier.

    When filling in your items, copy the location of the item. Now go back to your treasury and click in the one of empty boxes and right click your mouse and hit paste. Do this for all the boxes. The boxes in the far right column are your alternative spots. They are only seen by you unless you move them into your feature spots. You can edit your small title within your treasury and your location. Now your treasury is set to be seen by all!

    Do's and Dont's

    Don put more than 2 of your own items in your treasury but if the treasury makes front page Etsy takes the items out and replaces them with alternatives.(Most etsyians frown on this but you can do what you want!)

    Do promote, promote, promote because the more people who view your treasury and click the items and comment the better chance you have to getting front page(I have yet to get front page but I am very ambitious) and it is great to have someone's item be bought because of your treasury(I have had a few sell from my treasuries and I always get that feeling of satisfaction for doing a good treasury!)

    Do contact people to tell them they are in your treasury(new rule) but change your convo title for every person or the spam bot will think that you are sending spam mail and won't let you send anymore emails.(stupid thing but etsy still has this bug and people are getting caught in it and I don't want that to be you)

    Do be patient with the treasury because many times the server shuts down after the treasury has opened because of all the people. You may need to wait 20 minutes and go back and do your treasury when the server has calmed down.

    You can have only one treasury at a time but you have one in each Treasury and Treasury West at a time.

    Do have fun because they only last for 2-3 day!!


    Full of Knots

    Hooker's Do It Their Way

    baby baby baby

    Scarf These Up!!!!

    Do You Have Wood?

    FYI your friends are Aholios

    Whimsical Roses

    Friday, June 6, 2008

    Orange Frogs??

    No Orange Frogs Here just orange and frog materials!!

    I found this gorgeous orange organza material at the craft store and I knew that I had to buy it. The material just called my name but I wasn't sure what I was going to make out of it. An organza bag is the first thing that I made. It is great for giving a gift in and then the recipient can reuse the bag to keep her lingerie or jewelry in. I also think the bag is a great handbag. Once the bag is closed the drawstrings are large enough to carry the bag around your wrist or in your hand. The color of orange with the accent of brown flowers printed on it and the brown drawstring ribbon makes this bag a beautiful item. My bag is located in my Meagan's Designs shop @

    Frogs, frogs, frogs everywhere I look I see frogs! That is because I the bib and burp cloth set I made for a little girl is absolutely adorable with frogs wearing pink bows. It is the same pattern I used for the Rubber Ducky set except that I did not use the polyfil for this set. This set makes a great shower gift or an after the baby's born gift. The set is located in my Kaedan Krafts shop @

    For tonight I have some more organza bags I am going to make, just smaller and in a different color for the Meagan shop and a great idea that I came up with for the Kaedan shop (you will have to tune back in tomorrow to find out)!

    Have a great day!

    Thursday, June 5, 2008

    Rubber Ducky Your the One

    Doesn't everyone have or want a rubber ducky of their very own? Well my latest project is a rubber ducky flannel print burp cloth and bib set.

    I went to the craft store to buy some more velcro (another sundress) and a few other little things and ended up buying flannel fabric, velcro, yarn(peaches N cream on sale for $1 and one rung up for $.25), a new marking pen, purse handles and a few other things. I usually wait until fabric is marked down to buy because I have to factor that into my costs but this rubber ducky print was irresistible.

    So when I got home I went start to work on it and cut out my patterns for the bib and burp cloth and cut out enough fabric to make 2 bibs and 2 burp cloths in the rubber ducky pattern and another pattern. (What can I say I was on a roll!) It only took an hour for me sew up all 4 pieces and stuff them with the polyfil!

    Here is my take on the polyfil because I am sure people are a little surprised by it. When my kids were younger(in the needing to be burped phases) they would eventually fall asleep on my shoulder and my shoulder are really bony. I would always try to squeeze something a little softer between my shoulder and them but would always wake them up. This eliminates that step! The flannel is soft but still contours to the bones but with a little polyfil you can burp them on a mini pillow that can be thrown into the wash with the rest of your stuff.

    The contour of the burp cloth is great for the adult because it curves around your neck so you are not get it all bunched up and worrying about the cloth being in the baby's face. The flannel bib is absorbent for drool or the messy eater. I also filled the bib with polyfil to give them a little life.

    You can check them out in my shop @:

    Wednesday, June 4, 2008

    It Summer Baby

    With summer coming and the weather warming (finally) I am loving the warm colors of yellows and oranges. Here are a few of my favorite baby items from great etsyians in warm summer colors. (click the shop name to see their shop)

    NORTON - MONSTER BELLY Chenille Baby Bib by Monster In My Closet

    Blue Mod Dot Cotton Warm Weather Baby Slippers By Diana's Darnings

    Orange Dots on Yellow Pacifier Clip by Baby Bugs N Bubbles

    Minky bee ribbon tag toy By Morgan Nichole

    YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE by Roslyn's Closet

    Tuesday, June 3, 2008

    Princess Bibs and Upcoming Projects

    As I move my baby crochet items from my Meagan's Designs shop to my Kaedan Krafts shop, I am trying to up the number of items in each shop. I am slowly (1 or 2 items a day) moving the baby blankets and a few other things over to the KK shop so that I am not taking half of my inventory out of my original shop. I have added some aceo's of photo's of wild flowers that I took, and I am working on a market bag and a washcloth set for the Meagan's Designs shop. I am working on another sun dress and burp cloths for the Kaedan Krafts shop.

    I added my newest completed project to my Kaedan Krafts shop last night: Princess Bibs. They are a set of 2 bibs made of cotton linen and filled with polyfil for softness. My kids always wore bibs because of drooling from teething and I think these bibs would be great to wear with any outfit and soak up the drool while still looking fashionable!

    Check them out in my Kaedan Krafts shop:

    Or check out my new aceo's at my Meagan's Designs shop:

    Monday, June 2, 2008

    The Balance Of Time

    I am having a very hard time balancing my time between my biz and my family. See I have a day job that I work from 9-3 M-F and then I come home and need to work on my biz and catch up on emails and forums for my groups that I missed while I worked. I also have my family to tend to and they deserve so much (all) my attention too! I just don't how to do it all without cutting into my sleep to much.

    Here is a typical (work) day for me: wake up between 5:30-6am (except those days that I can't wake up and stay in bed until 7am, like today) I blog, catch up with my one a dayers thread, catch up on email from overnight(if time allows), I leave for work at 8:15 (it gives me 20-25 mins to crochet and alone time) 9-3 I work, after that I run into a problem. I usually spend my time on the computer catching up with what I missed or am at the sewing machine or crocheting or creating something to add to one of my shops. My baby always gets upset when she sees me at the computer(a big sign to get off).

    This is all that I belong to (prob to many but I have friends in each group): One A Day Challenge, EtsyMoms, EtsyACEO, CafeMom(about 5 groups there), EtsyHookers, Myspace(biz and personal with 2 groups), Ravelry, Flickr, my blog and probaly a few that I am forgetting right now.

    Here is what I am going to try and do to balance everything: I am going to blog every morning and catch up with the one a dayers, I will give 1-2 hours per group per week. I am going to try and get projects done after kids go to sleep or while they are occupied for an hour. The rest of my time has to be with my family. Kids are only kids for so long.

    I will see how it goes and tell you and updates.

    Sunday, June 1, 2008

    My Etsy Wish List-Part 1

    I made a deal with myself, when I sell something from one of my shops I would buy something to reward myself! This is Part 1 of my series of Etsy Wish List!! Well I made my first purchase on Friday and it is something that I have had my eye on for a while now....

    The Gaudy Goddess's
    Sparkling Pomegranate Organic Three in One
    Here is my wish list (that I will eventually buy) from the rest of my one a day challengers:
    click on the shop names to see their store!

    Down the Street's
    Smocked Sundress for my toddler:

    Ruby Passion rose beaded hair clip

    ECLECTIC Shaped Purple Boutique Notebook ALBUM for your MEMORIES

    Early Bird Creations
    Dream State:

    I'm with the band Earrings
    ANABEL SIMS - Happy Homemaker Apron
    Heart Mosaic Necklace
    Cricket's Creation's
    Sugar Plum Fairy Handknit, See Through Scarf is Ultimate Softness for Sensitive Skin
    Pretty Betty's
    The Way You Look Tonight

    Burgandy Drops Sterling Necklace

    Devan Carol's
    Pink Flowers and Purses Altered Art Tin
    Vineyard Bracelet

    Bluebird Earrings
    Coryell Design's
    Early Violet

    Part of a Healthy Breakfast