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    Sunday, April 20, 2008

    Respect Each Other as Artist

    So, I am not that great at taking criticism and today was especially hard. I created a new shop- htttp:// which will feature my diaper cakes. I asked for some critiquing on my shop (ie pictures, lighting, banner, etc.) and the next thing I know I was being bashed for creating diaper cakes and selling them on etsy. Now I disagree with all the people out there who say that making diaper cakes is not an art. I am taking items (yes commercial) and making them look nothing like what they are and they are still able to be used afterward. If we are going to bash that then what is next my photography because I just took a picture. During my years of as an art student (5 and still going) I have been taught that art is in the eye of the beholder. What is art to me maybe rubbish to you.

    This is my art so please respect it and I will respect you. As artists and crafters we need to come together not tear each other down.

    This is not to be taken as negative I am just trying ask everyone, artist or buyers, remember we are all human and that you can be honest without hurting people. It is hard to give criticism but even harder to receive it. Just be respectful and we can all get along in this already harsh world.


    woolies said...

    Really sorry that happened to you. sometimes people in the forums can be....harsh.....
    And all I can say is do not listen to them, listen to your heart. It's possible that Etsy may not be the right venue for your diaper cakes, but only time will tell. Promote your shop!
    If I can ever help, please do not hesitate to convo me.

    XUE said...

    Sorry to hear that you went through this. Yes, I agree with woolies - the forum can be a little scary at times. Thread softly in there!

    CACreations said...

    You know I look at some of the things that do sell on etsy and wonder.....How did that happen? Your diaper cakes are really cute, but I've noticed that etsy isn't always about what is cute. I don't know what to tell you. It might work out for you to do craft shows or more heavily promote yourself outside of Etsy. Good Luck and hang in there!

    Lisa R said...

    It's unfortunate when someone confuses critiquing a shop (photos, banners, shop announcement, descriptions, prices) with criticizing someone's art or craft.

    There are a few 'rotten apples' (or are they sour grapes? I forget) on the etsy forum (and other forums as well). Try not to let one or two stinkers ruin it for you.

    Etsy is the "marketplace to buy and sell all things handmade." It's not - despite what some people may hope - a juried artist site.

    Hang in there. Wishing you much success.

    Albina Rose said...

    Lisa R said it very well.

    The Etsy forums have become more negative than positive for me and saturated with busybodies who feel it's not only their right, but their duty to butt into others' businesses to check if they are following all of the rules. That's why I don't post there anymore. I've blogged about this subject also.

    Do not let those people take you down. And don't take it personally. The arrogance, the negative and rude comments they make, says much more about them than it does about their targets.

    I'm very sorry that you asked for an honest critique and were slammed instead. Next time you truly need an honest opinion from someone who is not into slamming others and that won't hit you in the head with a baseball bat, ask someone you are comfortable with, privately. Or check the Etsy mentor list and convo a few of them.

    And stay out of the forums for the most part. It has been amazing the work I've accomplished since I started focusing more on my art than posting in the forums.

    Good luck!


    Anonymous said...

    Albina Rose said it best. There are those who treat Etsy as if they are the sole owner.
    Ignore them and keep doing what yer doing!

    Kaedan Krafts said...

    thanks for reminding me that there are nice people out there. I wasn't trying to be mean in return I just wanted to bring light to the need to respect each other. Hand-made items are a dying breed and we need to do our part to keep them alive.