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    Wednesday, April 30, 2008

    Blogging about Blogs

    As you can probaly tell I am fairly new to the blogging world but I am really coming to like it. I especially like reading other peoples blogs and getting ideas of what to blog about. I am not saying that I am copying their topics but getting a better understanding of what I can blog about. For the longest time I thought blogging was about just writing your feeling for everyone to read, but now I am learning that blogging is much, much more than that.

    Blogging can be about your business, your family, your life, your hobbies or anything else that interests you. When you blog about your personal likes and dislikes you are opening up your world to those who have the similar interests and it can be comforting to make new friends.

    You can also blog about things that you want to teach others. What you teach can be a valuable tool for those who are a novice or just want to learn something new. So in the comfort of your own home you can be a teacher.

    Anyone can blog and so can you!

    ***I am starting an etsy blog list on my blog please leave a comment with your blog link if you are interested in being on my list.


    alamodestuff said...

    Welcome to the world of blogging. I, too, am beginning to enjoy it more. Best of luck! I'll add you to my blog roll

    LuLu Borealis said...

    Looks like your off to a good start. Wishing you lots of luck, Like your store too.

    fluffnflowers said...

    Welcome to blogland. :) I'm new to it, as well, but it looks like you've got a great handle on how it works!

    sMacThoughts said...

    OH I so know...this whole blogging thing...I don't even know how to do it. Just sorta winging it, and trying to get over shyness and my immense sense of privacy!

    beadinbythesea said...

    I just started a blog also and so far it seems to be a lot of fun! Good luck with it and your Etsy shop!

    Skye Rocket Sews said...

    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll.What a great community blogging and etsy is!
    You spelt my blog name wrong though.It's Skye Rocket Sews not Stews.Hehehe...that was possibily my typo.
    Thanks again mate,
    Cute blog BTW,

    Estefania Nava said...

    Welcome to the addicting world of blogging! You will find it very rewarding as you go along...

    Thanks for adding me to your list :)

    Infinite Cosmos said...

    welcome to the wonderful wold of blogging! Which reminds me, i need to update ;-)

    Infinite Cosmos said...

    oh and i'll add you if you add me?

    Buffy said...

    I think thats a great idea,blogging about blogs. And welcome to the blogging world. I would love to be added to the list.